Boston Pizza Internationalstaff

I was at the timmins, ON location, enjoying supper with my family and there was a group of very intoxicated and roudy young individuals seated next to us. at one point our waitress then spoon fed one of the males for an extra tip. it's very inapropriate for a staff member to act this way in a family environment. Just wondering if this kind of behaviour is normal/accepted in your facilities, because my husband and I didn't this it would be. it made us very uncomfortable and dissapointed. Knowing that the waitress thinks this behaviour is acceptable to act this way in a family orriented establishments dissapoints not only me but probably everyone else that witnessed it. I would just like you to realized what is happening and to know that you lost some very valued customers who frequented this store for over 5 years.

Jul 28, 2018

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