Borderlinxexcessive charges in shipping

On January 13, 2018, I bought one Lenovo Yoga Pad and accessories from Amazon for shipment to Borderlinx.
Upon receipt I was stunned to see that the cost of the shipping (to Mauritius) was excessively high, exceeding $250. When I drilled down in the details, I found that:
1) they were forcing me to choose all duty paid
2) they had included an amount of custom duty $80 whereas this duty does not exist according to the local customs charges on the item,
3) they had calculated tax at about 38% whereas VAT on such items in Mauritius is only at 15%
4) the volumes and weights have been exaggerated when compared to the weight and volume of the original items (0.34 kg item becomes 2.34 kg !)
5) They do not allow me to ship to a local address in the US (to a friend)

It is a real scam and they should be punished,

Feb 13, 2018

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