Booths Supermarket Poulton LancashireReduced products.

Having visiting this supermarket several times a week!Cant help but notice
there as regular group off people congregate aroud the reduced produce section!To which they take things out off fridges an fill there trolleys /basketts
with as many products as possible! that are to be reducedThen hold on to them for the assitant to reduce them more, other people are also waiting for a bargain!but stand no chance what so ever off getting any off
the deals, as they pass then to the assitant, then load them back into there
trolley an basketts.Surely this not good practice!! At least let every one get a chance an not the regular few.i mentioned this to a member off staff!to which they told me it happens all the time!
An also take products from parts off store to take to tha assitant to be reduced,
It does not look good good for a company off your standiing.

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Apr 10, 2017

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