Boost Mobile / unethical behavior

This is a letter about how disappointed and upset I am with boost mobile. On may 1, a friend of mine and I visited a boost store in findlay, ohio, to get a smart-phone and access. My previous phone was a flip-phone and I wanted an upgrade. My friend told me about boost and he was paying $35 a month for service with a smart-phone. I was paying $30 a month for service for just a flip-phone.

I told the employee of the boost store on tiffin avenue, findlay, ohio, that I was interested in a smart-phone and service for $35 a month (as advertised). He recommended a phone and told me that for the first month, I would be on the $50 a month plan, but when I came back into the store to pay my next month's bill, I would be put on the $35 a month plan. I asked him several to be sure that I would only be paying $35 from then on and he assured me that was the case….. Taxes and fees included! The employee was nice, gave me a free car charger and case for the phone. He also helped get my bluetooth set up in my car.

Everything was fine for the first 30 days, but when I went in to the tiffin avenue store to pay my bill on may 31, at 10:15 a.M. The employee that I originally dealt with was not there. The employee that was there had tattoos all up and down his arms and just didn't impress me as being very professional (baseball cap and all). I told him I wanted to pay my bill. He said it will be $61+. I told him that I was told my plan could be changed to the $35 plan if I came into the store to pay my bill. He said that wasn't possible. Now, if even if I was on the $50 plan, why did I owe him $61+ if all the fees and taxes were included??? So the employee flat out lied to me about the monthly cost!!! By the way…on my way home, I received a text saying that I had paid $57 (which I had not), so I had to call the office again to make sure that charge was removed from my credit card. Plus…. Why did it say $57 when he told me it would be $61+???

He told me that the guy that I dealt with would be at this tiffin avenue office at 3 p.M. That afternoon, so I made another trip back to the store and arrived and 3:15 p.M. The door was locked even though they were supposed open until 8 p.M. I waited around for a bit and finally another guy came and tried the door to find it locked as well. I sat and waited a bit and finally the employee (the same one from 10:15 this morning) came to the door and the other man that was waiting went up and I thought they might be doing a drug deal……the "customer" went up to the guy and handed him a bag and the employee gave him money. What would you expect seeing that…. I'm just sayin'!

I finally was able to talk to the same employee again and he said I would have to go to the other store to talk to the guy I dealt with initially. So away I went. When I arrived at the other store the employee that I originally dealt with was not there (I was told he had been fired), but there were two other young guys there…. Both very unprofessional - looking with tattoos all over…. I was not impressed! I told my same story to these guys and they said that it was impossible to change the plan. They told me I could change my phone number and get the $35 plan, but that just wasn't an option with me! I told them that I would not be paying my bill and would never be using their service again. They told me that if I went to another service (verizon, for example) that they would not be able to use the same number. After a few choice words on my part, I said "thanks for nothing" and left.

I immediately went to verizon and told them the story (I had only been gone from verizon for a month) and asked if I could use the phone that I had gotten from boost and start using their service with my same number. Of course, they had to check the phone and wouldn't you know it, boost does something to the phones they sell so no other cellular service can use them! I didn't care, I needed a phone and service and I ended up paying less that I was going to have to pay boost…. Plus, verizon actually sends me a bill. What a concept!!! What a pain it is to be a boost customer and have to go into the store all the time or have them automatically deduct from a credit/debit card (which is something I never do). I'm so glad I hadn't signed up for automatic withdrawals as i'd probably had a hard time getting reimbursed!

I'm now a happy customer with verizon and will let all my friends know what a horrible, lying company boost is, not to mention the unprofessional-looking employees that are employed there.

Jun 03, 2018

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