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I've been a loyal Boost customer for 8 years and really like their service. But I can't stand the throttling issues I've been having for months now. I switched to their 60 dollar a month unlimited talk/text/data, and I'm so frustrated when like clockwork, my data shuts down for a few days at least once a month.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Deltona, FL While I understand the 25 gigs limit before your service is slowed, how do you explain a bricked phone when you're 3 weeks into the month at 11 gigs used? I've sent numerous complaints to customer service, the phone works fine for a couple of days only to have the data frozen again. As much as I like Boost, I really think it's time to find another provider.

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide

  • Updated by Bill Caraballo, Sep 25, 2018

    Day 5 with no data, no response from Boost Customer service. Nice way to treat an 8 year customer. Have tried everything listed to fix issue to no avail. Disgusted with Boost, I thought switching to 60 dollar a month plan unlimited talk/text/Data would help with this throttling issue, but no luck. It also appears that many other customers are having same problem. Shame on Boost if this is a known issue and nothing is being done. I thought they were a stand up service. Guess I'm wrong

  • Updated by Bill Caraballo, Oct 03, 2018

    Update: Issue was resolved. I will continue as a customer with Boost Mobile.

Sep 22, 2018
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  • 9w
      Sep 25, 2018

    in the fine print there is a cut off point where they begin to throttle the data usage
    even tho its "unlimited" they always seem to find a loop hole

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