SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / constantly phoning about refund for 15 days

According to your client the villa owner we were to receive our deposit refund on 11th July. After various phone calls being unanswered by the owner we turned to Totally being fobbed off with we will call tomorrow or the money will be refunded tomorrow etc.
The Villa was a disaster I have sent Photos requested by but nothing has been mentioned about the state of the accomodation supplied.
ie Villa had curtain rail falling down, cistern not attached to wall, holes in the curtains which were dirty, dangerous electrical connections. The Villa was suposedly called Margharetta no 7 however the name outside was Villa Nora numer 2. Perhaps should have been called Fawlty Towers.
My wife myself and my mother who is disabled paid £750 for this accomodation including a cleaning charge although no cleaning was done when we were there, apart from the cleaning we did.

Jul 25, 2018

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