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Posted: Aug 4, 2013 by    

Unethical Business Practice

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United States
I purchased Gillette Fusion Replacement Blades on BONANZA.


I just received the package today and when I opened the package, it was not in the original box but in an opened package AND 2 OF THE RAZORS WERE USED!!!

This is unethical, dishonest and unsanitary!!! 

When I contact Bonanza, the customer support did not apologize or understand and told me to solve myself with the seller. No consumer protection or support.


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N  22nd of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes

Bonanza.com - Harrassment of site critics
United States

This site is functionally unstable for sellers. The support staff regularly harrass and delete posts by members who pay for the use of the site when they complain about this, or when they report issues with search, check-out, messaging and notification. Originally billing themselves as an alternative to ebay, they have adopted isolationist policies that limit what sellers are able to share with one another about malfunctions on the site. They do not disclose their sell-through or traffic stats and are nasty to members - paying customers - who have issues with the site's practices and malfunctions. Sales are slow, response is rude, and the seller forums are stalked by censors.
A  23rd of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
This post is dead-on! Unfortunately the site has spiraled downward and the lack of response to genuine concern is alarming. I have been "banned" from Bonanza.com. I was a regular seller and paying member there. Why was I banned? for commenting on other's blogs (outside of bonanza.com) agreeing with the author's viewpoint about the various issues with the site's poor functionality and a rude / immature staff member. I also made the mistake of commenting on another seller's forum post about the same checkout issues I was experiencing and asking about next steps, offering professioanl advice (as an ex-geek) to help resolve or troubleshoot said checkout issues which personally had cost me over a hundred dollars in sales in two days. This site is run by a group who has lost their - keep it simple - vision and can't code their way out of a pac man game.
D  23rd of Feb, 2011 by    -2 Votes
@Main Street, @ yeshuazgirl we are sorry that you feel that way. We would be the first to agree with both of you that we are far from perfect. We receive many emails and feedback from our community about how we can improve and we truly do work on a daily basis to fulfill many of the reasonable requests we receive. Lets face it though, no matter how hard we try (or any other business for that matter), we are not going to be a good fit for everyone (except maybe Google because they rule and they are everywhere :) ). For whatever reason, or for many reasons as you note, Bonanza is no longer a good fit for you. Though we disagree with many of your comments above, we respect your opinions. Wherever you both decide to "hang your hats, " we wish you well. For all others we invite you to visit Bonanza.com and form your own opinion.

Mark Dorsey
D  11th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
This is not true! Bonanza.com is a great community. They are never rude and are ALWAYS helpful!
D  15th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
My complain is the items (cameos)you purchase and go through paypal as though they are accually there and your money is taken. Then only to find out there are no items available or partial if multiple items, afew, but which ones!. My first and last time on there doing business. I could not get a reply from them about the topic and they said they did not understand! Well, I speak good english! They do not want to hear it. I got my money back, I think it is pending in my banking acc. But, what about the hassel and upset of something you searched for hrs. and checking out. My time is worth money. also! It sucks and I am finished with places like that! Thanks, Winterlace
N  15th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
We are sorry for your experience. When you make a purchase online or offline, the experience should be the same. You should not have to jump through extra hoops or spend extra time to make a purchase online. It should be quick, courteous and meet all of your expectations. Sounds like this seller made it really difficult for you and we are sorry for that.

Sounds like you got your refund back so we do not need to address that. What we need to do is reach out to the seller and see if there is something that we need to address with them. We will be sure to do so. You should also leave appropriate feedback so that others will be aware of your experience with this seller. Just be sure to keep it professional and non attacking so that we will not have to remove it.

We hope that this one seller does not cast a shadow over the rest of the Bonanza community. The majority of sellers who sell on Bonanza offer a fine service and great products at a reasonable price.

Mark Dorsey
D  15th of May, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Ok, Everythings great, except for my hassel and time. Not good! My time is worth money and this person did damage to bonanza.com because it was my first purchase, so I made it right under a hundred bucks. The next one would have been for alot more if this had worked out! But, unfortunatly it will be my last! Each seller is a representation of the company and I am sure he is not the only one. Its sad for all the good sellers and hard workers. Ok, now to other places for my complainst. I will NEVER shut-up about this because I stll want those cameos!
N  15th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
We understand and again apologize for your experience. In the case you change your mind in the future, we have over 11, 000 Cameos on Bonanza. Here is a shortened link for a specific Cameo search on Bonanza http://goo.gl/5Taua
A  17th of Jun, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I was about ready to open up a booth on Bonanza and was getting the word out by posting on forums, asking questions, etc. The people on Bonanza, (not necessarily the staff) are rude and 'stuck-up' and not helpful at all. I closed my booth immediately and will look elsewhere to sell my items. Not something I want to be a part of at all!!!
N  17th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
@crayzibeautyful, I am sorry that you did not have a good experience. I can tell you with confidence that your experience is the exception in our community. Bonanza is one of the most friendliest and helpful communities online. We work hard to foster a positive and constructive community. It would be very helpful to have the details of your experience, along with your user name, so we can have a closer look at this. You can send it to support@bonanza.com or if it is more simple for you, you can just post it here and that way we can get to the source of friction. We also hope that you do not let one or two persons cast a shadow over the entire Bonanza experience. Currently Bonanza has over 500, 000 users, most who are positive, constructive, friendly, and helpful.
N  17th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
@crayzibeautyful, I just had a closer look at this and found your forum post that you started. The only thing that we have found is what I stated above, positive, friendly, helpful and welcoming community members. Here is a link to your forum post: http://www.bonanza.com/forums/2/topics/165545
D  16th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am a seller there, and have been there for more than a year, had thousands of sales already.
Sold since booth opened: 1765 items, 4 sales per day on average.
You may think I am doing well, but I don't like this site now.
Look at the story below, if you meet some bad buyers, Bonz admins are not going to help, nor at least take time to read your emails. They just want your subscription fees & FVF !

Here is the story:
I just received a bad feedback comment from a buyer, saying he did not know item is coming from overseas, and have expected it arrived within 3 days.
When I looked into the listing, it did tell item location coming from aboard, and shipping time frame quoted ( 1-2 weeks ).
Eventually it arrives a week after, ( 6th working day ) he still left a bad feedback to complain.
I immediately reported this to Bonz tech, and a admin there " named Mark " says :
" Our decision is final to leave the feedback as is. We apologize that we are unable to do otherwise.
Bonanza " .

WYF ?? Without giving a reason !!!

So does it mean everyone can complain a shipping time no matter it was written on ad or not ? Or should I be spending time on writing a ad in the future? And what for ?
If that's true, everyone must have negative feedback(S) received if they post internationally, and which was exactly Bonz started last week by expanding its sub URL to Germany, Canada, Mexico UK .. etc
Are you kidding ?

It seems Bonz does not even know a listing is a biding contract and need to be followed.
What the hell ? I spent time on writing a listing and you ignored that ?
Indeed EBay & eBid do better and would have removed that without my second request.

It is Sep 2011 and Bonz is still having so bad customer service. I even paid them the premium membership every month !!!
I should be leaving very soon.

I have accounts on all other sites, but I don't like to be treated that way !
D  16th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
@btdownloads, sorry you feel that way. Glad to hear that you are having success on Bonanza. Feedback that is retaliatory, dishonest, or attacking will be reviewed by admin and is grounds for removal. Any other feedback will most likely remain. We have received 20+ requests from you to remove feedback and most of the time we are able to due to the circumstances but in this case we could not because we did not feel that the buyer was being unreasonable. The buyer gave a true statement regarding their experience with you and future buyers should have access to that information. What might be a better way to approach this is to get to the source of why buyers are inclined to leave you negative feedback. If a buyer does not read the listing or does not pay attention to the shipping time, then it would be a good idea to make that more clear on your listings.

Mark Dorsey
D  16th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
First, I never had 20+ request at all.
It is the responsibility for seller to write info on listing, and buyer;s responsibility to read that. Why do you think such a complaint is " reasonable " while it is totally buyer's problem of expecting an item arrive within 3 working days ?
He knew its becuase of his mis-reading, and it is obviously a dishonest feedback because he is blaming a seller !
Also, why we had no problems with otehr buyers but only him ?
If you believe his comment is true, than all buyers left me a positive would be false!
Others alwyas write fast shipping on my comment, and one bad buyer did not read listing & wrote slow shipping, and you also consider it is right ?? huh ??
a buyer mis-reading a listing is still consider reasonable ??
I should ask more people to help now !
D  16th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
@btdownloads, we understand that you are including this information (shipping) on your listings. Based on the amount of buyers who are leaving you feedback regarding the transit time, that would lead us to believe that not just one but many of your buyers are not seeing that. That is why we suggested that you move that information to the top of the listing so that your buyers will be able to base their purchase decision on the transit time that they are not seeing.
D  16th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
The precentage I had with non reading / picture shoppers buyers is 1-2 %, check the overall transactions I had and you will know.
Again, I had 1765 items sold, and i have not had even close to 17.6 bad feedback received ( which is 1% ).
and I believe every seller on internet had similar experience.
For you suggestion,
good idea, I can try that. But again, I can NOT guarantee everyone read text when buying. You never know how your next buyer behaves.
And it is your job, to remove such unwarranted feedback comments, to keep the site healthy.
But please remove this unwarranted comment now. Sellers on internet love good buyers, not picture shoppers.

P.S. is less than 1% of buyer's complaints still be considered as " many of your buyers " as you said ??
I thought having like 20%, 30% is more true to say so.
N  5th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
I had never heard of bonanza.com until I did a google search for children's fairy costumes. The one I want is through bonanza.com. So next, I did a google search for bonanza.com reviews. I was nervous about buying from this site to begin with since it was all new to me, and now I am a little more nervous after reading all these comments. I was a customer service manager for 7 years before I became a stay at home mom. Mark, I think maybe you could work on your approach with customers. Sometimes you have to bite your tongue to make the customer happy. Honestly, these seem like pretty simple complaints and instead of trying to fix the problem, you want to argue. I would be impressed if instead of trying to prove the customer wrong and you right, you sincerely apologized and did what you could to fix the problem. I'll go ahead and order the cute fairy costume I want and just hope I don't have any problems to complain about ;)
N  5th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
@Brookster, We are so glad that you did proceed with your order. You are 100% correct with some of the comments, I agree with you. There is no victory in proving your customer wrong, no matter the circumstances. I will be sure to keep this in mind in future communication. Thanks again and if you need further assistance, please do contact us at support@bonanza.com
N  24th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
How do I know if an item is still for sale
N  14th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
I'm a 20k/mo seller selling on Ebay and have had it up to "you know where" lol I'm searching for a new site to sell on and researching differant sites. The reviews for Bonanza.com took my interests and I began researching, I come upon this site and see some "wonderful" comments.
Then I see responses from you Mark (I know your reading this). At first I thought how nice your looking up to see issues that are happening with your company and trying to correct them-everyone makes mistakes. Yet you simply agree with each one and say "bonanza.com isn't for everyone-good luck on your ventures". I see that in your responses. I read you explaining "why" your company did what you did, all out in the open for EVERYONE to read. Sure your explaining yourself and saving face for your companies image for people like me researching it. But this is what I hear as a researcher:
I come to the conclusion that the complaints about your company are true otherwise why would you even be here saving "face"? You do ABSOLUTELY nothing to fix the problems YOUR CUSTOMERS are telling you about your company! When someone tells me my feet stink...I say: Your out of your mind!, but when five people tell you your feet stink...I think: Well I didn't change my socks yesterday, I better go do that! Your not doing anything for your company by "arguing" with them.
I wonder why is he not fixing this? Your not able to look at your reflection and admit your having some issues, having this huge ego saying "my ca-ca doesn't stink" is going to cause you to crash and burn real quick! Sure you can have zillions of satisfied customers/sellers, but it's those few that are going to bring you down!
Why is it that bonanza.com is even in business? Because it's things like this that ebay did to it's few upset customers and sellers, now ebay might be the biggest and badest bad boy on the market right now, but look what happened to myspace when they did't give to it's members-facebook.
So far from what little I've used your site I love it's simple to use interface, features etc, your fee's are about half/third of ebays & caution me. I do not like these reviews or what I'm reading you say AT ALL!!! I'm going to do some more reviewing, but I'm taking EXTREME caution before I decide to use your site. Take a look in the mirror, try to "fix" your issues before you make a comment! And just fyi...your comments should only be: "Hi, I'm Mark with Bonanza.com and I apologize about your recent experience please feel free to contact me at 1800###-####, and i will do my best to take care of your concerns. Thank you for the feedback" plain simple to the point! If I had seen that I would have just signed up and transfered my 2k items to your site!
Lost customer for now.

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