Bojangles’ International / Becajun.combojangles store at 2011 e. cone blvd. greensboro, nc

This store is consistently the most inept representation of professionalism that I have ever witnessed! At 8am, your crack management team has one, count them, one employee on the whole front counter! She will take 3-4 orders, then, she has to stop taking orders, so that she can go over and bag the orders! Not her fault at all. Then, people who ordered first, somehow end up being served last; imagine that.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Greensboro, NCThe line got up to 12 people, and 5 of us left at the same time, walked right across the parking lot to McDonalds, and with 2 customers in front of me, my order took less than 2 minutes. I did not even realize that they also serve country ham biscuits, but I do now.
We have complained several times before, but so what, right? Same managers in place, and not One thing is different. I am posting this complaint, not because I expect anything to change; it won't. I am just hoping people come here to complain, see this post and realize how deaf your company is to it's customer complaints, and join me in never spending money at your establishment again. I am also going to post this to all my social media accounts. Have a great day.

May 04, 2017

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