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Bob's Discount Furniture / nightmare

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Bogus Advertising and Bob's friendly, "guy next door, " commercials lured me into a Bob's Furniture store this past February wherein I bought two leather recliners. Around October of this same year, I noticed a small hole in the back of one of the leather chairs. No worries right? I had purchased a Goof Proof plan for an additional $ 300. In the day of the computer, you would think that everything could get accomplished over the phone. This Guardsman (warranty) company took forever to send out a form that I had to complete and then when I completed it and sent it back in, they refused to repair my sofa because they said I had not return the form in time (a 10 day time frame). RIDICULOUS!!! The women on the phone (one being a supervisor) absolutely refused to send a technician to repair my sofa. So at the end of the day, I'm stuck with a hole in my leather recliner that I haven't even had for a year and Bob's laughing all the way to the bank with my $ 300. To add further insult, I had ordered a bedroom set and sectional (before I knew of Bob's lousy warranty and customer service policy). Two delivery men showed up and after about a two minute effort, gave up stating that they could not get a piece of my sectional through the door without taking off the door hinges. They were ready to take the furniture back until the third delivery guy came in and was able to get the sofa in within 1 second. When I asked them if they were sure they knew what they were doing because I wanted the good service I paid for, one became irate, swore at me and tossed a frame picture against my wall. Mortified at this, I asked him to step out of my house and asked the two guys to contiue without him. The both of them refused and started putting my furniture back on the truck simply stating, "just call Bob's because we're doing this job!" And they left, after I had been sleeping on the floor for four days wating for my furniture delivery. The delivery guys boss refused to talk to me over the phone and when I called Bob's furniture, they were not able to persuade the two guys to stay to complete the job! I had to call the police, that's how ugly things got. Have you ever? Now the earliest date I can get for delivery is Wednesday, so that's another three days of sleeping on the floor and I'm a woman in her forties whose recovering from knee surgery! So I didn't get my furniture that I paid thousand of dollars for because the delivery guys didn't like that I complained. My daughter was in tears and the delivery guys were loud, blocked traffic with their trailer and caused a ruckus before my neighbors (EMBARRASING). Dealing with Bob's Furniture has been emotionally, pyschologically and physically traumatizing. SHAME ON YOU BOB! People we need to ban together and show this man that we DEMAND good service. The only way we can do that is NOT to support his company. People tell your friends, family and neighbors alike to not shop at Bob's furniture lest be humiliated, ripped off and made to feel sub human. Don't be lured in by his friendly, "i'm just an ordinary person commercials." Besides, the icecream ***, there wasn't any coffee and he rations out this cheap (like his furniture) penny candy. Don't go to sleep on Bob because you might end up in a NIGHTMARE!

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      17th of Sep, 2014
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    Where do I start. We
    ordered our furniture on 7/21/2014. We were told the furniture would be
    delivered in the middle of August. Then we received a call that the furniture
    set we picked would be back ordered till the end of August. In that week we
    received another call that it would not be delivered till Sept 6th, 2014. The delivery arrived at the later part of the
    3 hour window. The driver told us immediately that 2 pieces were broken, one of
    the bed and the fireplace, his boss noticed it at the warehouse, and said bring
    it anyway. He then realized that the
    mirror was broken also. So now we had 3 pieces in the garage that were
    supposedly "inspected", and no bed! My wife is 7 months pregnant and
    sleeping on a floor! We spoke with Courtney,
    who set up our new pieces for Tuesday Sept 9th, 2014. We asked for after
    5pm delivery which was promised. We received a call 2 days before with a window
    of 11 - 3pm! We both work all day and
    specifically said after 5. The person my wife spoke with said, that
    "Courtney" had no business promising an after 5pm delivery. They then set us up for 1st thing Wednesday
    am for 7am. When the driver got here, he
    went into the garage and opened the packages that were here, and wouldn't you
    know the "inspected "boxes, another BROKEN PIECE!!! It gets better! The pieces were no longer
    available and would be back ordered till the end of September! So no bed for a
    month for my pregnant wife. Awesome! If
    you check all of the taped recordings, every time I asked a for a district
    manager, I was told that I could not speak with one. I asked the customer
    service manager for their boss, and was told that I could not speak with
    them. Are you serious. I am a
    unbelievably unsatisfied customer and can't speak with a manager to help me
    with my issues! I had to get very loud with "Matt", would not put me
    through to a head manager. I
    specifically said, "Matthew, I am done speaking with you, You have done
    nothing for me, I want to speak to your boss. He said he could not do
    that, I said Matthew, Matthew, this is
    being recorded, and I want to speak with your God Damn Superior Now!!!, he
    finally put me on hold. I was given
    Jordan who is a head supervisor. She
    told me she was sorry (only the 10th time we heard that). She said the best she could do is take off
    the delivery fee. She offered me a
    temporary bed till ours came in (best thing that was done yet!). I explained
    that I was able to get our bed back from the person we sold it too(family
    member). When she only offered the
    delivery fee, I explained that she was insulting me and my wife. We spent $3600
    and still do not have our bedroom set let alone the bed which is the most
    important part. I have also spent 10k in the last 10 years with this company. I
    told her at this point, I am asking for the delivery fee waived and the bed
    itself for free. She said she couldn't do that. I then threatened to have my
    lawyer and channel 8 trouble shooters in their office the next day. She then abruptly stopped me, and said,
    Mario, Mario, I don't mean to cut you off, but we do not need a third party
    involved. I need till Monday September 15th to get in touch with the correct
    people that can make this happen. I said
    no problem, I would give her that time. I asked her for her direct line, (the
    other supervisors did not have or give us). Monday came, no call, Tuesday came,
    no call. I called her Wednesday at 9:40 am, leaving her a message to call me
    back. I called again around 2:30pm
    again, no answer, no call back. And once
    again we have to wait for our furniture. They called and said they would
    deliver the pieces this Friday, Sept 19 between 10:45am and 2:30pm. Apparently
    all of the issues we have been having did not spell, priority! I spoke with a
    supervisor Lisa today, said there is nothing she can do. I have given up and
    asked for it to be delivered on Monday, Sept 22, so I can waste another day off
    waiting on Bob's! My wife also spoke
    with a supervisor Katie, who said she would give us the delivery fee for free.
    My wife was told to call her and let her know how everything went. My wife left
    her message of the continued nightmare, no return phone call. Amazing customer service!!!

  • Do
      20th of Dec, 2014
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    To say that I am unhappy with the policies and customer service at Bobs furniture in Riverhead would be an understatement. My dad purchased a bob o pedic adjustable bed from Bobs. At a minimum of three times during the transaction we asked the salesperson if the delivery men would take away the old mattresses. Each time the salesperson said yes they would. On arrival I asked the delivery person if he would be taking away the mattress and he gave me a puzzled look. I told him that we had been assured that they would do so. After he called customer service he told me that he could not take it. I, at the same time was speaking to the salesperson, who then spoke with customer service. I was told that by policy they could not take the mattress as it was TOXIC!!! It had a few old dried blood stains on it. We were told they would take it if it was completely wrapped so we asked if we could wrap it in the plastic that the new mattress would come in. The driver said no as he claimed that plastic was ripped. I then said we would wrap it in a tarp and staple it shut. Again we were told that that was not satisfactory. I then called the salesperson and asked if it would be acceptable to wrap it in the $100 super duper 5 year warranteed total mattress cover and would they then give me a replacement cover. Well, no they said as it would not be in practice with their "gimmick free" practice of doing business. The salesperson then suggested that I speak with someone in customer service and perhaps they could give me a gift card. Well, that person said they couldn't, that we would need to speak to the store manager. Needless to say, they DID NOT want to come up with a satisfactory solution to honor the promise made by their salesperson. So, we told them to take the bed back! Made a trip to Sleepys, got a great deal on a better adjustable bed, they will deliver it tomorrow with NO DELIVERY CHARGE. Bob's charged $99 to deliver and the salesperson clearly stated that for $40 they would take the mattress and box spring away and for free they would wrap it up and drag it to the curb. Everything clearly stated and no empty promises. I WILL NOT BE DOING ANY BUSINESS WITH BOBS IN THE FUTURE AS THEY ARE NOT AT ALL CONCERNED ABOUT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. All they want is your money!!

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