Bob's Discount Furniture / doesn't stand by their products

United States

I waqnted to really speak my mind in detail but this is not the first letter i have written...i have at this point washed my hands with bobs discount furniture *in farmingdale) besides the runaround rude behavior and broken furniture, ...that they push you to get the goof proof case something goes wrong you are covered the only goof was the fact i reached into my pockrt for another 100 dollars...thinking it was a good idea 1yr and a half later i sit on broken furniture with springs coming out and threads coming a part...they should have paid me to take the furniture, , , , i was the goof...scammed from day one and treated like a criminal...for wanted my furniture replaced..u see i wrk hard for my money, , heartfelt dissapointment we know they dont!

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