Boardwalk Buyunethical advertising

Ordered a charger for my phone. Ad said it was in stock and would ship in 24 hours. After placing the order, the confirmation said due to high volume of orders, it would be 2 to 4 weeks to ship. When I emailed them, their response was...The item will be shipped as soon as it is available. I sent them another email two days later stating...Your website still says the item is in stock and will ship in 24 hours, you should stop lying to your customers. I have been exchanging email with Edward N. CSR. I have ordered once in the past and had the same issue, but I did finally get my item and its great. We shall see if this item shows up. I would bet they are using our money to purchase the item from their source. They then must wait to receive it from a 3rd party before shipping to the customer. I wouldn't say it is a total scam, but they are very unethical.

Feb 01, 2017

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