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boca raton fl, United States
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We have been a Bluegreen owner since August 2015. We purchased at the New Orleans La Pension location. We ended up at this sales fiasco via a sales kiosk in Bass Pro Shop Memphis. We were told that they were licensed real estate agents and all Bluegreen owners. We were also told that Charter membership was only with VIP membership so we decided to go with the bronze.

We were told we couldn’t book until we went to the UNO (understanding new ownership) meeting. well that finally happened on March 7, 2016 since our representatives in New Orleans would never return our calls or get us anywhere we wanted to go. We finally had to call the premier members # and they were able to get us booked, at the Bluegreen Mountainloft Resort, but not where we wanted to go .

We got 3 days because we booked on a Monday but wanted to add additional days. None were available so we had to go through RCI and use some of our points at another resort down the road. We were told we got the free upgrade room, being premier members but got stuck in a small room in the basement, with no view. We tried to complain to the MGR but he was never available so had to see the ASST MGR, explained the situation and he extended our stay, in the same crappy room, but so we didn’t have to move and promised to email us a free 5 nights back at the resort to make up. He didn’t.

They also took 3 tries to get the right date on our parking pass. We called RCI to cancel the other room and they kept my payment and 70% of my points. We tried to bring this stuff up at our UNO meeting but the girl was too busy trying to sell us an upgrade to listen. Said they would address it at the next training meeting, but offered no solution. She also told us that the MGR in New Orleans that we felt had misled and failed us had been replaced.

We came back home and tried to look up some vacations, at some places we were interested in but they were all booked up, most till 2017, some 2018. We were also told our yearly fees would be a couple hundred dollars try $1200 we are not happy campers with Bluegreen. Also some of the same resorts that show booked up for a year, i can go to other travel sites like and it shows available rooms.

Also our 90 minute spills turn into 3-5 hours and our stay at our initial one was not even at the resort our meeting was at, also with plenty of empty rooms during our tour. We had to stay at the Blake Hotel instead of the La Pension in New Orleans. We were finally able to get Bluegreen to refund our points that RCI took over the UNO trip so we have still never booked a trip, never used any points or our membership.

I am also retired Army and 100% disabled veteran
Randall Sharpe, Tina Fuller

Aug 04, 2016

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