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Bluebird Cabs ltd. #21 / disrespectful and mean cab driver

1 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

It flagged a cab driver dt, I was very happy at first to have got the ride. But to my surprise he was very crude, a said to him "ow how are you, thanks for picking me up", all he did was drive and was oblivious of me until he told me he didn't want any trouble?
I was shocked and confused.
As soon as we arrived i was to call my boy friend from the house to bring out my card, but to my surprise he didn't answer, I told the cab i had to go in and get it, but the cab driver said no i don't trust you.
I told him 'umm ok well here is some of my bills, to show him i lived here and i was not going to run away. The cab driver said no, and kept running the meeter until it was $30 for 2 blocks!
I was very upset, he told me to give him my cell phone and that i could get it back when i had the money, but i said how can i call you to get it back then!
Finally i gave him the phone outraged!, i ran into the house and no surprise my card was on the table, but my boyfriend wasn't there and i had no way of reaching the cab driver.
I ended up walking back to the place i got the cab from just to use a pay phone to call him back!
Finally he showed up and my bill was now almost $40 and i was in the place i started from to begin with!
I will never get a taxi threw this service ever again,
The cab number is #21 his name Vikamuit Bhangu
This ruined my hole day, i warn you to never get this service.

Bluebird Cabs ltd. #21

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