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Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Florida / policy stupidity

1 3423 S. COLLEGE AVE., Inverness, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 352-476-3947

A month ago I visited my dermatologist. He wrote me 3 prescriptions to use with one another or his treatment would not help. Well, one of my prescriptions need pre authorization from the doctor because I was over the age of 25. Yes, I did say I was too old. This was for a wash, a soap but I was told I was going to use it for botox or some other cosmetic application and that I was way too old to get this medicine for my severe acne that I have had for 29 years. I was told to wait 3-4 weeks for the insurance company to make a decision and that they would send me a letter of approval or denial and the reason why. I called the physician and he made the phone calls the next day and advised me that he called and everything should be taken care of. Unfortunately the insurance company said they never talked to the doctor. So, again I called the doctor and he called them again. Well, today was one month and 9 days and when I called the insurance company this time the not so nice customer service lady gave me a number to call the mail in pharmacy (which sucks rotten eggs) and get the info I was asking for. I did and they told me it was not there responsibility to send out an approval or denial letter that it was up to the insurance company to do that. It was not up to them to call my pharmacists (who has been waiting for this approval for a month) and provide them with an approval. I was told to contact the insurance company and that the number was on the back of my card. Called them back yet another time and talked to ed. Ed was rude, uncooperative, and a total smart #. While placing me on hold for 8 mins. He was calling my mail in pharmacy to see if it was approved and then called my local pharmacist (who called me while I was talking to ed to let me know that I had an approval). So, I went to the doctor paid my money, sent in the prescriptions to my mail order pharmacy like I was supposed to, waited for pre-authorization that I never got, waited for letter that I never got, and waited for phone call that I never got. Still waiting for something. That doctor just lost a patient and blue cross is going to be losing a customer too. They forget that the stockholders don't mean #... We are the customers and deserve better policies and decision making... Not what they want to give us... Their customer service sucks their policies suck and definitely their next rx mail pharmacy really sucks... Have had many problems with them. This is an ohio based company and my employer is a cheap ohio based company that doesn't care about the rights of their employees. Talked to their human resources dept. Also... They suck too. These healthcare insurance companies need to be put back in there place and work for their customers and provide a descent service instead of giving us the run around, or making us do their work or trying to save the stockholer a freaking penny or two. Stop paying 15 dollars for an aspirin when you go to the hospital. 2000.00 dollars for a bed... That's my rent for 3 mos. Not 3 days in the hospital. Their prices are inflated stop paying for them maybe you can save some money there. Get off your lazy # and start solving some of these problems that's what you get paid for not to harrass and deny your customers benefits. Do something useful you freaking idiots.

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  • Ac
      19th of Apr, 2011

    i worked for blue cross and i have to say they suck i got paid 8$ hr to put up with ### all day and it was not worth it, when i took calls and talked to people like u and everyone else i would agree with the member that blue cross sucks they rip people off with copays and the whole in network thing, but i know every insur comp have copays and stuff unless u pay bcbsfl like 300$ dollars a month

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  • Sn
      29th of Jan, 2014

    I don't put much faith in long, illiterate rants, especially when typed in all caps.

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  • Fr
      5th of Jan, 2017


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  • Fr
      5th of Jan, 2017

    THE MOST INCOMPETENT INSURANCE COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH !!! They should be prosecuted for malfeasance ! Avoid them at all costs!!

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  • Km
      15th of Mar, 2017

    I have been trying to deal with this joke of a company. I have spent hours on hold just to be transferred or disconnected and when I did talk to someone I was read the same speech off their screen told to pay my bill and coverage would start. I have paid 4 times received letters saying the correct information was received from market place and another one saying I was covered just pay premium so I did again. Finally after hearing the same stump speech every time I called, I called market place and the state I have 2 investigation into my case. Today I received a letter from Florida blue saying I'm not covered because I didn't pay my premium! I'm a cancer survivor still seeing Drs. I didn't know after 2 years of treatment I would have this much trouble staying a survivor. Wonder what they did with the payments I do have proof from my bank they cleared my account!

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