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Gaborone, Botswana

My first purchase of a Blu phone was in July 2014 in Las Vegas (Blu Advance 4.0) . Loved my phone. Only had issues with Whatsapp not recognising and supporting my phone and the Bluetooth not connecting to my car device for hands-free use of my phone; but, other than that, it was functional if the camera was not material to you.

My phone fell and the screen cracked on 23 August 2016. In December of the same year, a Blu store opened in my neighbourhood in Botswana so I was very excited. I went to see them and asked if they would be able to replace the screen. They said "not yet" but that they would be able to in January 2017. There was a Chinese man who attended to me.

I ordered the replacement screen for and eventually received it in April this year (it took a long time because the US stores do not deliver screens to Botswana), when I then went back to the same store and advised them that I had the screen and would bring the phone in when I had transferred my contacts and other information onto my new Blu phone (Blu Advance 5.0).

There is a gentleman and a lady in attendance at that store who do not bother to speak to when you go into the store as they are busy on their respective phones. The Chinese gentleman was not there. I explained the situation to the gentleman. No name badges, I therefore do not know his name.

On 14 June, I went to the same store to give them both phone and screen. The same two people were in attendance. I was ignored by both. I approached the gentleman and explained that I had brought the phone in with the glass, which I showed him. He said nothing to me at all, got up and left me.

He came back and spoke to the other lady. I asked him what was going on because he just took off without speaking to me and then he said he was speaking to someone who said "I should take the phone back to where I purchased it from, as they were not willing to assist me". I was shocked.

After all the months of engagement, suddenly they turn around and tell me to go back to the States to have the phone repaired! He became argumentative and defensive and tried to speak to me as though I was an imbecile.

It is apparent that the Blu store in Botswana lacks customer service in a huge way. I do not know who the manager or owner of the store is, but I can attest that the lack of professionalism of the people in the store is consistent. They are just not interested in providing a service and can't be bothered to greet or assist the customer.

I hope that Blu will look into this as it is your name that is coming into disrepute. From being excited that I will have local assistance, I am now discouraging people from purchasing a Blu device as the aftercare is appalling.

As a result of that unfortunate incident, I had to find an alternate service provider to replace my screen. I went to a store called Hello Mobile with the screen that I had ordered for my Blu Advance 4.0. They replaced the screen (Wednesday 21 June) and, after doing so, the phone wouldn't work. It had a mind of it's on and was clicking on different icons, opening screens and making calls all by itself. The attendant explained that it was the wrong screen for my phone, yet I had ordered it with the specifications for my phone:

BLU Advance 4.0 A270 Original Replacement OEM LCD and Touch Panel

Now my phone doesn't work at all and I had trouble even switching it off because the screen was going haywire. I have no phone for my business.

Desirable Resolutions:
1. Train and enforce customer service standards to the Blu store in Gaborone, Botswana (at Mowana Mall). Failing which, it should be shut down. Customers should not have to have a bad experience.

2. Replace my Blu phone as I cannot rely on receiving yet another screen that may not work again. I also do not want to be a victim of incompetence or unprofessionalism in dealing with the Blu Store in Botswana.

This is my first correspondence on this issue so there is no other correspondence to attach.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

M Nteta

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