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Blockbuster / terrible customers service

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For anybody that is considering BlockBuster Online... I URGE you not to do it and save yourself headaches and money. They keep changing the rules of service and their shipping time frame is slooooooowww!!! I recently got tired of receiving scratched up DVDs and decided to start reporting every single scratched up DVD they sent me... oddly enough it would be an average of one out of every three I would receive. After reporting an issue on those scratched DVDs from the queue there was an option to either get the same title shipped or the next on your queue. I would select “send same title” but would often still receive another scratched up copy which translated into time and money wasted since I waited almost 10 days between the process or receiving the same movie twice scratched up and of course unable to watch it in the end. I then tried switching to opting to “send the next title” on queue instead of the same replacement only to get the same results. I have also tried to show the scratched up DVDs to the local rental store when I would exchange them for a FREE movie and of course the supervisors/clerks could careless, they would just say to report it online or call it in as they couldn’t do anything because it wasn’t a rental from the store. Today I once again reported a scratched up DVD and got a nice message when doing so:
“We are sorry that you had difficulty playing this DVD. Due to the unusual number of DVD problems reported on your account, we are unable to send you a replacement disc right away. Please return the disc so we may properly document it on your account and send the next movie in your Queue. We will schedule this disc for cleaning and examination. If you wish to rent - Disc 1 again, please add it to your Queue.”
As you can clearly derive from that ###ic message; according to them I’m somehow OVER using my right to report DVD issues regarding their scratched up discs and therefore I should be penalized for it by not getting a replacement. Now tell me that isn’t GREAT customer service that feels more like a slap on the face. As a paying customer of course I will be reporting their scratched up DVDs as it’s not a free service so I expect the product I’m paying for to be in good working condition. They need to check each disc before shipping them rather than provide terrible customer service. I have tried e-mailing their customer service on different occasions on different issues including slow shipping time frames and their responses are straight out of the FAQs on their site. I tried calling and the wait time is just as discouraging, who has time to be on hold for 10-15 mins only to get a customer service rep that will quote you their policies listed on their site or recite you their FAQs.
To top it all off and it may very well be another topic, they now have a new policy rule for their Total Access campaign. If you exchange an Online-rental at a local store you will not have your next movie on your queue shipped to you until you return that FREE exchange rental back to the store. In other words if you want your next “scratched up” DVD to shipped from your queue quicker you are better off taking your Online-rental straight to the post office. Whoever is the genius marketing chief for this campaign policy change deserves the boot as I’m sure that instead of encouraging Members to remain subscribed customers will soon realize is not a service worth paying for and cancel their subscription just like I will and switch over to their competitors.

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      13th of May, 2009
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    I'm not completely agree with the complaint - for me shipping is usually pretty fast with very few exceptions and customer service phone call waiting time was always from moderate to short when I called them. But the rest of the article is spot on! Exactly same experience here - that policy change is (if it is the way it appears to be) ###ic. If I complain about scratched disc - more "unusual problems" will be attributed to my account and I would not get replacement faster anyway. If I do not report - other customers will get the same disc and will be dissatisfied too. Great "cost saving" will translate in customers being lost, unless competitors are the same way too.
    The truth actually seems to be a bit different. I just called them and all the crap about account is just wrong web site message. They told me that there was recent policy change to send replacement only after they get scratched disc back. So number of bad disc reports by particular customer has nothing to do with it. It is just an attempt to save costs by sending less movies. And I didn't see any notifications about this change.
    I've read that now when unemployment is high they (BB) see growing customer base and business is good. This matches my experience of gradual customer squeezing/policy tightening in the last 3 months. Probably they do not look ahead far enough and we will see all policies back and crazy level of ads as soon as they see loosing customers. I consider abandoning them for one more reason - about 50% of movies are marked "long wait" which means in reality that it is impossible to get them - I'm following status change on these and it stays the same for 4 months and counting. And if you try to get "in line" by moving the disc to the beginning of the queue you'll get 2-3 days longer delay before next movie is shipped, but you wouldn't get the desired movie anyway. Could that be that they are trying to appear having competitive selection without actually having it?

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