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ADVERTISIMENT reviews & complaints complaints 9 - Two dvds movie stopped every minute for 30 seconds

After ordering undercover Christmas on 12-10-21 for $14.95, and the second movie desperately seeking Santa on 12-10-21 for $14.95. Shipping $5.25. And 15% off $4.49. Total $30.66. Order date 12/10/21. Order #cmr-93888. Picture quality poor. Movie stopped every 30 seconds. No picture on DVD to show what movie it is supposed to be. I would appreciate a fast and speedy resolve off this problem. Thank you.

Desired outcome: I want a full refund to my card ending in 7972 also a return address labal.

Nov 16, 2021 - DVDs I purchased.

I ordered 4 DVDs from this company believing that they were the original movies and that they were new DVDs. I received them today and was extremely disappointed to find they were obviously copied to a blank disc with only white paper, no labels and very flimsy covers with printed pictures of the movies. This company is a total SCAM! I will never order from them again. I don't recommend this company to anyone.

Desired outcome: I want to return these items at their experience with a full refund.

Oct 18, 2021 - DVD scam

Order #CMR-88400 DVD os
"the SDubsititute wife" The DVDwas a bootleg copy that had blank spots fuzzy parts and some spots wherte the colur was all orange or all red. No lable on disk and cover for case was a copy of real case that was copied on a wery poor printer . There was no copy rights infromation on any thing I got. This company is crook stealing money from customers and stealing propety from the true owners on the movie

ADVERTISIMENT - Returns and refunds

Have returned item per their orders
Never excepted it they will not return emails or snd refund. What else can I do but please let everyone know that they are a scam company

Desired outcome: Refund

Sep 14, 2021

I ordered several movies from Hallmark movies. when I received the movies the movies were on a copy dvd cheap plastic cover and a burned picture really bad. The DVD'S when I checked the were out of focus, commercials bad stopped film black then advertising. Even countdown to Christmas.
I contacted Hallmark but they never did anything. I was told to return the dvd's to I did and after 2 years I still have not received a refund that I was told I would get.
I was able to find the movies on Amazon witch ended costing me double do to no refund from These people should be in jail do to copying dvd's and selling them. I was not expecting to receive bootleg dvd's I thought I was buying dvd's that they sell threw lets say Hallmark movies. I can't believe that a company in Arizona USA are able to do what they do.
Just does not make sense that they can get away with this. It is illegal to company DVD's from TV or YOuTube or burn from dvd and sell for profit so why are they able to continue to sell movies the way they do.

Dec 08, 2019 - dvds

I ordered two DVDs thinking they were legitimate movies and they are movies made from someone's DVR complete with the Hallmark logo in the corner of the movie. The cover art was printed and pasted to...

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Sep 23, 2019 - pirated dvd

I purchased a DVD of the movie Fools' Parade from this company. I received an illegal copy which had been copied from TCM.Com. Their logo appeared on the screen while we were viewing the movie. I...

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Dec 14, 2017 - dvd appears to be a pirated copy

Received the movie we ordered from an address other than the company address on the credit card trans. It was on a blank disk with a photo-copied insert from a movie or paperback -- illegible so I...

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Oct 09, 2017 - defective dvd

I ordered a DVD "Running Brave" for my grandson's 13th birthday. He is a runner. With 5 min. left to the movie, my son said the movie stopped!! My grandson, who is overseas, called me and said, "I...

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May 11, 2012 - DVD not received sold me DVD movie which never reached me. I triet contacting administration of this service but nobody replied me and after googling for a while I found out that there are dozen...

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