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Blackberry Torch / Faulty New Handset

1 MenlynPretoria, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 0827821375

To whom it may concern,

I have been a customer with Vodacom ever since I can remember, and my spend has increased quite considerably per anum, especially over the last 4 years. I must admit that I have had a tiff with Vodacom at least once a year, and every year I promise myself that when the time comes for renewal of phone or data contracts, I will stop punishing myself and just swap providers (it’s easy, and you can even keep your old number I tell myself)

That being said, I had a yet another weak moment nine days ago when I walked into a Vodacom store and upgraded my phone contract for another 24 months.

As I was standing in line at Vodacom Menlyn Park, I was asking myself, are you sure you want to do this? Remember that you had a couple of badly handled unresolved disputes with this company in the past? Nevertheless I patiently cued for another half an hour reading your nifty vision/mission statement and customer charter (Oozing with ironic bulllshit by the way).

Angie (The sales lady) helped me into signing another 24 months of my life away, and gave me a spanking new BlackBerry Torch. As we stood at the counter finalizing the transaction, my subconscious forced me into clearly asking her whether she has had any comebacks on this model, as I have been the unfortunate victim of Vodacom giving me a new handset, only after a couple of days finding out it has to go in for repairs. ''NO SIR'', was the friendly and confident reply from Angie. I was still not convinced, and I asked her again ‘’Angie, are you sure? I am in the middle of writing my final exams for my Masters Degree in Business, and I really have neither the time nor the patience to return and cue again to get things resolved’’... ''NO Mr Burger, I am sure'' was the second reply.

I must admit, by the time I reached my home and started playing around with the functions on the flashy new phone, I almost entirely forgot the promise I made to myself and uneasy feeling of joining Vodacom yet again.

My fears were realized and I got what I deserved only a day after I received the new handset. Whenever it chose to, it either went on SOS or was switched on and indicated that it had full signal, but just never received any calls/mails/text messages. I have to at least once a day switch the handset off, and back on again to receive or make anything.

You know what is funny about this whole thing? My brother and mother upgraded their contracts with Vodacom within a week of mine, and after the third day of my beautiful phone acting up we realized that this was no isolated case, but that all three of our handsets are doing exactly the same thing!

As you would hopefully remember me stating earlier, I am currently completing my MBA, and just in case you aren’t aware, that means that I practically did not sleep for an entire week last week! So after I slept the entire Saturday, I decided to phone the Vodacom customer care line to log my (And the rest of the family’s query) I was instructed that the batch of handsets we received is faulty, and that we have to return them with the original packaging for an exchange (Already I am quite pissed off, as you can imagine, remember the friendly reply from the Vodacom Sales lady Agnie????)

Monday was the first day back at the office after study leave, and as you can appreciate I got home quite late. Today I strolled into the Vodacare centre in Menlyn Park, and patiently cued again for 20 minutes, staring at your empty customer service charter and mission statement, thinking to myself I deserve this, I broke my promise.

Eventually when a consultant was available, I received the news that most upset me (And I must admit I did not expect anything else from Vodacom) – ‘’Sorry sir, you will have to submit your phone for repairs, you cannot get a new handset because of the 7 day return policy’’.

Now I’m really angry with myself...All these years, all the money each month spend with Vodacom (Please check my account for reference)... And this twit does not want to exchange your phone? My words to Angie resounding in my ears ‘’ Are you sure the handset is fine, I AM WRITING FINAL EXAMS AND DO NOT HAVE THE TIME AND PATIENCE TO COME IN AGAIN!!’’ I mean I received a NEW handset, but eventually it was a FAULTY handset that I was earlier informed needs to be replaced. I expect a NEW handset in return, and not another couple of days without a phone and ### promises that I was promised something NEW, only to receive something ###t-up, and a slip saying they need to repair it.

As you can imagine, I could not wait to relay the good news to my brother and mother, who are now in the same boat as me...

In closing down, nothing will come from this mail, and a reply would probably even piss me off more, but as stated in the subject line I guess that in doing so, I am getting closure of some sorts.

Vodacom, please enjoy the revenue generated by myself, my mother and brother, as this is the absolute ###ing last time you will ever ### our conscious into upgrading any account with you ever again...And I guess that’s the reason for me putting this in writing (For the first time after many frustrations experienced in the past). I am going to print this letter, and give each family member a copy to keep, and when the time comes for an upgrade, I will send you another E-mail filled with rapture and joy, because finally we will be free of your ###!

Kind regards,

Pieter Burger

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  • Ja
      10th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    apparently the council have recalled all theres due to similar faults, 60 odd thousand of them so at least there loss of money due to the phone might make you feel better !!!

  • Sp
      6th of May, 2011
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    I know your frustration I am now on my 3rd BB torch and it is still dropping calls while I am talking, if my caller says on the line it reconnects again (but most just hang up and I have to place the call again). The part that pisses me off is that they don't send new phones they are refurbished phones, so you get someone's elses problems with the ones you are experiencing.

  • Ma
      3rd of Jun, 2011
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    M A H E N D R A K A L A N T R I
    Telefax: 22660992


    M/s Xilo Electronics,
    390, Victoria Street,

    Kind Attention : Mr. Shah
    Reg: 1) Collection of Excess Payment of S$ 475.00 by your goodself.
    1) Delivery of Duplicate Piece of BLACKBERRY 9800 (CHINESE MAKE)

    With reference to the above.

    It is with regret that I have to address this letter to you as you have tried to cheat me by collecting Excess Payment of S$475.00 and also supplying me with a Duplicate Blackberry 9800 of Chinese Make which does not have BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) and the Torch apart from a duplicate keypad.
    1) First the issue regarding the payment of excess amount of S$475.00.
    On 27.05.2011 when my wife, son and myself approached your shop, you and your partner who called herself JENY told us that the cost of the BLACKBERRY would be S$485.00
    After negotiations you were kind enough to bring down the price to S$475.00.
    And you and your Partner confirmed that the BLACKBERRY 9800 would be the Original piece with the Torch.
    But you said that the BLACKBERRY 9800 would reach your shop on SATURDAY the 28.05.2011, and to confirm the transaction, your partner gave us a CASH MEMO of an advance of S$ 50.00 which was paid by us to your partner.
    However when my son approached you in your shop on the 28.05.2011 at around 13.00 hrs., you said that the BLACKBERRY 9800 had arrived and you had given it for the input of necessary software which we had not asked you to do and which was not informed to us earlier. MAYBE it was a reason to prevent us from using the piece in SINGAPORE as it would reveal your MALAFIDE intentions.
    On the 29th of MAY 2011, when my wife with my son and myself arrived at your shop, you were pleased to give us the BLACKBERRY 9800 which you said had the required software and the Internet facility, BUT it should not be used in SINGAPORE as otherwise it would get locked when we would reach INDIA and switch it on.
    Believing that you were a Gentleman, we did as told and as you had agreed to accept the payment by CREDIT CARD, I gave your PARTNER Ms.JENY my American Express CARD for the transaction to proceed. Ms. Jeny swiped the Credit CARD for S$475.00 and the slip was duly signed by me, and handed over to Ms. JENY.
    At the same time, you were selling another Phone to my wife which was in the shape of the FERRARI CAR and was a RED COLOUR PIECE.
    THE COST of the Ferrari Phone was given by you as S$250.00, and we also liked a BLUETOOTH which you sold for S$50.00. NOW YOU started insisting on cash payment for reasons best known to you. The total costs of the BLACKBERRY 9800 and The errari Phone and the Bluetooth came to S$775.00.
    Since my wife said that we would have to pay the balance in cash, it would be better to pay the entire amount in cash.
    My wife therefore paid S$ 800.00 to you and you were kind enough to refund S$25.00.
    When I reminded you that payment of S$475.00 had already been made by AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD, you asked me not to worry and you would ask the American Express CARD people to give the necessary CREDIT.
    You took my CARD again for giving the CREDIT but there seemed to be some problem with the machine and you said that you would make the necessary calls and get the transaxction cancelled.
    On the 30th of MAY 2011 at around 13 hrs, when we were leaving for the Airport to catch the flight back to MUMBAI, my wife and my son met you and you were kind eneough to tell them that you had informed the American Express Card office to cancel the transaction of S$475.00.
    Believing you, I did not feel any reason to take further steps.
    But I was surprised as on reaching INDIA when I casually checked with the AMERICAN CARD office and found to my disbelief that the transaction of S$475.00 had still not been cancelled.
    I tried to call you on your landline no 0065-63379761 and found that the number was not in working condition, and your fax line no 0065-63368547 was directly connected to the FAX machine.
    I therefore asked the TOUR MANAGER of SOTC to ask you your MOBILE no. Which you gave him as 98768090 on the 01.06.2011.
    But when I tried to call you a number of on 01.06.2011 on the given mobile number, you disconnected the line a few times and then allowed the Mobile to keep on ringing till the ringing stopped on its own.
    Please find enclosed copy of the CASH memo given by you on 27.05.2011 for S$ 475.00 and which shows an advance for S$ 50.00, and then the BILL dated 29.05.2011 for cash payment made for S$ 775.00.
    I shall request you to inform the AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD OFFICE to cancel the transaction of S$ 475.00 as the total amount of S$ 775.00 has already been paid by us in cash.I am also informing the American Express Office to take necessary action.

    2) The second issue is about the DUPLICATE piece of BLACKBERRY 9800 given by you when all the time in your shop you were saying that your shop was the cheapest in SINGAPORE for BLACKBERRY Phones or other Mobole Phones. The BLACKBERRY 9800 daes not have a TORCH and BBM and is made in CHINA. When we tried to put in our SIM CARD in the Phone to activate it in SINGAPORE you fed us a story about how the PHONE WOULD GET LOCKED in INDIA and therefore we should do the necessary check in INDIA. ALSO you mentioned that since the entire software had been loaded and even the INTERNET was activated, it would be advisable to switch on the BLACKBERRY 9800 in INDIA. Thinking you were a GENTLEMAN, and as we were supposed to reach INDIA on the 30.05.2011, we accepted your advise.
    However, on reaching INDIA, when we encountered some problem with the BLACKBERRY 9800 on switching it on, we took it to a regular dealer in MUMBAI, whose statement shocked us as the Dealer said that the BLACKBERRY 9800 was a DUPLICATE and a CHINESE MAKE piece, and did also not have BBM and TORCH as assured by you (KINDLY see the copy o the CASH MEMO dated 27.05.2011) which are the main features of BLACKBERRY 9800 .

    It is a regret that you have tried to cheat us on both counts by collecting excess payment of S$ 475.00 by not canceklling the TRANSACTION as ASSSURED by citing non-working of the MACHINE as the reason, whilst we were in SINGAPORE, and by delivering a DUPLICATE CHINESE MAKE BLACKBERRY 9800
    We shall therefore request you to return the amount of S$ 475.00 paid in cash and also cancel the transaction on the AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD of S$ 475.00, at the earliest. We will try to ship you the BLACKBERRY 9800 on receipt of the amount.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,


  • Pr
      17th of Apr, 2015
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    A6 , Flat 106 Falcon Tower
    United Arab Emirates
    Phone: 0508543536

    Hey I am Prabhat I bought this mobile one week ago now this mobile when m using this is some time switch off and some time hanged even some application is not running can you Solve this problem ASAP

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