Black Arrow Express / delivery never came.


I ordered some things from kuhong. ph and it was supposed to be delivered on October 24, 2018 according to the shipping information. I have another errand on that day and was hesitant to go out since I'm expecting the delivery. I waited until until 10am and no text message or anything that will inform me about the delivery so I decided to just make a quick trip downtown to settle something and go home by 12pm. But then the rider texted me around 10:55am saying I have a delivery. I replied and asked if what time will he be able to deliver it since I went out for a bit but no response or anything. The following day, October 25th, I stayed at home hoping to catch the delivery but nothing came not even a text message informing me about a delivery and today, October 26, it never really came. I went to check the shipping info in shopee and found out that it's alrdy in sorting center to be returned to the seller.

Please this is so frustrating. Please inform your addressee ahead, like the night before or first thing in the morning. Please look into this. Thank you

Black Arrow Express

Oct 26, 2018

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