BJ's Wholesale Clublack of employees/prices/lack of product

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1) Product was not available on one aisle. On the next aisle the product was so high up I had to hunt down assistance to get it because they never filled the spot where the product goes.
2) Your prices are going up so high it is better to wait for Publix to have it on BOGO. On top of that you have cut staff at the check out. Makes no sense what you are doing.
3) No cashier lanes just self check out. 1 employee to take care of 4 registers. The self check out lane had no hand gun I had to pickup the heavy stuff and run it over the scanner. Cashiers are the last thing a customer will remember when your business. No cashiers to me is very unfriendly to your customers.
4)No help to take heavy items out. Saw a little old lady trying to load a heavy item in to her car. She was told there was no one there that could help her. My daughter had to go help her. The little old lady told us she was going to check out Costcos or Sams. I told her I would be doing they same thing. Lack of product, Lack of Help, Lack of Cashiers and jacking the prices up. How can you justify jacking the prices up when you have no HELP no Cashiers. Your company is not friendly to your customers. Your company does not deserver my money and I am not the only one thinking and saying this.

Jun 03, 2018
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      Sep 24, 2018

    i hate BJs I thought it would be good to load coupons on your card. I load them all so I can take advantage of deals. Well they dont come up when I come to the register only 6 came up and I ended up paying more than Costco on many items.

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