BJ's Wholesale Club / customer service

Florida City, FL, United States

Hi my name is Veronica Canales On Saturday October 13, 2018. I went to sign up for a membership and this was my first time signing up everything was good until I went to the register 4 and the lady was really rude towards us she had a nasty attitude telling us not to put the water on top of the register let me remind you this is my first time coming here and no one told us we can't put the water on there. And after that I had two coupons and I told her and she told me ‘' oh you have to cut them out ‘' I told her do you have some Scissors ‘' she said ‘' no''. The lady was really rude towards me and my husband. Have you don't have any scissors in a retail store and where people use coupons a lot.

BJ's Wholesale Club

Oct 18, 2018

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