BJ's Wholesale Club / accident on premises framingham ma june 21 2018

Milford, MA, United States

Prof. Venkatesan Renugopalakrishnan Ph.D. Home : 56 B High Street Milford, MA 01757
Office : Longwood Medical Area
Global Tel. [protected]
July 6th 2018

Mr. Ely Rochas BJ'S Whole Sale 26 Whittier Street Framingham, MA 01701
Dear Mr. Rochas,
Greetings. I have written to you earlier. met with you twice, and spoken with you multiple times in ref. to a minor accident on Thu., June 21 2018 10 30am, at the BJ's. I did draw your attention at 10 30am on the same day before I had to rush to emergency as it was bleeding with intense pain on the mid-left forehead.
The accident involved a case of Carnation Evaporated Milk, consisting of 8 cans, on the shelf approx. 8 feet from the ground, sliding due to improper stacking by the store personnel. Further I was examined by my PCP Dr Glen Kehlmann, Brookline, MA on June 27th who opined that there is no need for an imaging at this point. If further medical attention is required he will examine and advice upon which BJ's will be contacted by my attorney. My medical insurance has covered $35 + $200 of which $200 has been paid by them. I have already sent one receipt for $35.
Your insurance company, Sedgwick, represented by Megan ….. has not been helpful and is blind to a larger problem which is optimal safe shelving to ensure the safety of shoppers and BJ's employees. Sedgwick's claim that accidents due in part or whole on BJ's premises, can not be covered, is preposterous and untenable. We strongly condemn such an attitude.
I have lost nearly half a day due to the accident, valued at more than $1200 at my level. Please compensate the above amount + $35.

Sep 01, 2018

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