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Bissell / Burned our carpet and we must box it

1 Madison, WI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 608-217-4226

Our Bissell vacuum burned gray marks into three parts of our carpet. We were using the hose attachment to clean our couch and moved the vacuum three times as we moved along the couch with the hose. We then turned around to see three grey strips burned into our carpet where the vacuum had been sitting as we were working with the hose attachment on the couch. We called Bissell and they informed us that we would have to find a box to ship the product - this is a vacuum, a rather large item to find a box for and pack up. When I asked about the carpet damage they told me to include two photos inside the box I'm supposed to take a few hours out of my day to go find. I inquired as to whether they sometimes pay for people's damaged carpets and they did not provide an answer. So, after I spend four hours traveling to Target to beg for a spare large box, packing this thing up, and sending it off to Bissell, perhaps I'll learn if they will pay for our damaged carpet. Such a shame that Bissell places the packaging of their defective product on our backs.


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  • Br
      7th of Oct, 2010
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    Bissell - carpet cleaner 25A3
    Grand Rapids
    United States

    Bought a Bissell 25A3, Don't bother.
    I bought it because it heat up the water, a good sales pitch.
    If you like filling and emptying the tank for every 4 square feet, then this is your model.
    The carpet was so wet after using this carpet cleaner, I was worried about the floor boards warping.
    The unit has one tank with a bladder in it, clean water and soap go into the bladder. My opinion is that as the bladder shrinks (clean water is put on the carpet)it impedes the suction of extracting the water out of the carpet.

    Called customer service and the service representative was more interested in getting me off the phone than solving my problem.

  • Xa
      3rd of Nov, 2010
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    Amen pal!!! Same damn problem here.. The Bissell, unlike a Dyson, will not shut off the turning of the brush when using the hose attachment. Who the hell designed this thing? My two year old was crawling towards the damn thing while I was using the hose attachment on my sofa.. Thank the good lord, I turned around in time to see him before he stuck his fingers it. It did not get my son, but it did burn black marks into my carpet.

    Bissell could care less about it's customers.. When it comes to customers service from Bissell, "You're on your own!!"

  • 2m
      17th of Dec, 2010
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    I just experienced the same problem...the vacuum seemed to overheat and while using the hose and its attachment, burned a quarter sized hole in my carpet. I called customer service and they want me to ship it to them--- fat chance. I'll just throw this out and NEVER purchase a Bissell product again.

  • De
      18th of Mar, 2011
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    Bissell - DEAD VAC
    North Carolina
    United States

    I bought a Bissell HEAVY DUTY VACUUM in August of 2010...IT DIED IN FEBRUARY OF 2011. It is suppose to have a 5 year warranty but when I called they said I had to take this thing that I paid nearly 200 dollars for to a place that is 40 miles from my house to have it serviced. You would think that if they want to continue to keep customes that they would send a shipping label and have it picked up to be serviced.
    The vaccum and the company are broken and they both SUCK and this is not in a good way. I will never buy another Bissell procuct again. They have totally lost me as a customer. They totally give a new meaning to the words...NO SERVICE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  • Cr
      12th of Sep, 2011
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    Bissell - Don't buy
    United States

    I bought a Bissell pro-heat carpet shampooer, and it stopped working after 3 uses. I exchanged it for another one at Walmart, and a year later it isn't working. Walmart no longer exchanges or refunds money for Bissell shampooers. I called Bissells customer service, and the problem was more than a trouble shooting problem that could be fixed on the phone. I was given a repair service for my location, called them, they said they have a flat rate charge for fixing Bissells because they continue to break over and over, and the repair people cannot work for free. I asked what I should do, he said don't ever buy a Bissell.

  • 0 Votes

    Been on the phone for over an hour with Bissell> I have a carpet cleaner (still under warrenty) that will not spray soap. Took to Abbey Lane autorized by Bissell to fix tier machines. What a joke. They replaced all kinds of stuff and it still has the same problem. Called to tell them and was told by the tech I didn't know how to use my machine that it was working fine and I should bring it in for him to show me how to use it. I told him that I had to drive all that way again(I live on the westside they are at Montgomery and Eubank) He tells me he has to drive all the way from Bernalillo. I said you get paid to do that if it bothers him so much he should change jobs. He hung up on me I called and ask to speak to the owner he got on the other line and was a total jerk and laugh and told me he is the only one to work onit and to call bissell. Which I did and spend forever on the phone with no help told to take it back to the jerk even talked to someone named MIca at the corp office and he said I had to take it back to the jerk or mail it to them and they would check it and decide what to do that would take at least a month.I have to go pay for a box and ship it (have no extra money or take it back to an [censored]. This is what kind of company Bissell is. Take your money and screw you! Please pass this on so people will know not to buy a bissell. Thank all have a great day!!!

  • Ve
      20th of May, 2013
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    I purchased a BISSELL Little Green Proheat Pet cleaner a year ago, and while using it this weekend the bottom started to leak.
    Just so everyone knows, I do not use this all of the time and have probably used it less then 10 times in the year I have owned it.
    I took the bottom plate off of the machine to detect what was going on, and in doing so I noticed the small black seal was broken.
    I contacted Bissell and they said they do not have parts, but to try a local store. I called the first store and the gentleman explained "because it's under $100 they won't do anything, you have to buy a new one". I'm sorry, but $100 is a LOT of money to be spending in my opinion, and I work extremely hard for my money, so this is not acceptable. The gentlemans response - buy a new one...
    I called the second number and the lady informed me that if I have my original receipt and if I purchased it less then 1 year ago, they can send it in and the company will just give me a whole new machine, because they don't have replacement parts for items that are less then $100.
    I am shocked at this, and I will be returning the second Proheat cleaner I just purchased for my mother-in-law, because I do not want the same thing to happen to here in 1 years time!!!

  • Vi
      5th of Dec, 2014
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    Thank you Complaints Board for this forum and thank you Ross F from Madison Wisconsin for posting. The exact same thing happened to me. Luckily I have the original box because I just bought this Bissell Rewind Model from a Tuesday Morning in October of 2014! Since I can technically take the machine back for a full refund, I have contacted the store manager informing him that Bissell wants me to send the machine directly to them without the attachments, and include photos and a filled out claim form. The Bissell Rep was VERY nice and assured me that I should not return the vacuum to the store, they would take care of me. I let her know that I could care less about the vacuum machine, I wanted to know what Bissell was going to do about my very expensive carpet being ruined by a brand new Bissell machine! She didn't assure me they were going to cover my damages but told me there would be a claim filed if I filled out the paper work and included photos. I was still concerned that if this process took too long I would no longer have the vacuum to return to the store, and my window of opportunity to return it, "no questions asked" would have passed. The Tuesday Morning manager advised me to make a copy of the prepaid return label for my records. I can do one better, I can video tape this horrific phenomenon actually happening in real time because I have a piece of scrap carpet left over from my VERY EXPENSIVE carpet installation. My carpet is by Stanton and it has a short pile and a graphic pattern on it, this happened when I was using the hose attachement. I offered to include this video to the customer Rep and she said it wasn't necessary. I have made a video anyway for my own records. And when asked, "can you cut the burn mark out" I replied "No because because it is a pattern design and you can't cut out what is not physically there anymore".

    I will be calling Ross F (thank you for including your phone number!) to find out how he was treated in the end. I do believe in giving a manufacturer the opportunity to make things right before posting photos and video. Thank God for good people out there to take the time to post their stories. Hopefully mine will have a happy ending. But just in case I have to sign a waiver saying that I will "not talk about this", (in order to have my carpet replaced), I will be contacting my lawyer for advise ...and I wanted to share my idea about video taping the phenomenon and contacting the store where you bought the vacuum.

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