Birch Telecom / Sales

The complaint is not really with Birch Telecom, but with me. I was perfectly happy with ATT, but Birch seemed to have a better program that could save me money. I should have paid more attention to my termination clause with ATT. That has cost me money and it will take sometime to recoup my charge. I have no complaint about their service, but make sure you know what your contract is with ATT before you change. Overall I probably will not save any money with these guys. But, I have signed a three year contract will probably go back with ATT when done. But that is such a long time away. I will definitely wait the three years to change. Stories of Birch aggressively going about collecting terminated fees abound. Wsh I had seen all these complaints before I signed on. However, their BBB record is pretty good. Just one of those buyer beware things.

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