Binder and BinderMis representation

L Jul 30, 2014

They have really screwed my life up, long short. Went to court, meet advocate for the first time
2 minutes prior to court hearing, he looked like he just stepped out of high school, Had all of information incorrect, such as diagnosis, aid that I had returned to work, when in fact I was still on medical leave the day I went to my hearing.

But the biggest mistake, was that he told me that I was to go back to work, "try to work, and if I had any issues, to come back, and they would try to re apply for SS

I just now found out, 11 months later, that I was in, approved for permanent disability. I call Binder and Binder back, and now they say yes, however all my records have been destroyed.
Now, I am on the verge of being fired, because I have missed a lot of days of work, due to my inability to work.

The advocate, Binder and Binder sent to me, was an idiot who knows squat.;
I think a bunch of us should go for a class action suit against Binder and Binder. I am having to see a lawyer to see if there is anything that can be done for me. But in the meantime, I hope Binder and Binder will have to pay everyone back that they screwed up, and then get shut down. they deserve it!!!

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