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Sacramento, United States Review updated:

I have spent many hours reading the posts on this site and
believe that these Binder & Binder people have gone too far and without
oversight of the judicial system (it makes you wonder who Binder & Binder
is paying off for such protection). Well enough is enough. It is time for us,
the people who have been victimized by these slime balls. I think it is time we
band together and take this battle public. I would like to gather enough “victims”
to band together across the country and take this battle to the front doors of
every Binder & Binder office in country on the same day. I have the address
of every of every Binder and Binder office across the country. I want enough
folks to gather on the same day at the same time at every location across the
country. My hope is to get every media outlet possible to know of our battle
and cover our fight. If we could get some media coverage and public outrage
over the victimization of people with disabilities, our judicial system will have
no choice but to do something about them. With all of the “victims” and their
families in support along with consumer advocates as much media as well as any
others, we can bring enough pressure on this disgusting organization and bring
them down. I personally think they should be imprisoned as well as be closed
down. Unfortunately, these people have “victimized” so many individuals they
have enough money to protect themselves from jail. But, we can definitely hurt
their business. Hopefully with enough exposure to their true tactics and record
of victimization we can put them out of business altogether. If you wish to take part in this action,
please sign up for my e-mail distribution list for more information to follow.
Please send an e-mail to [protected]
with e-mail list addition in the subject line.

The more of you that join, the greater our chances of taking
this firm out of business and stop the victimization of disabled Americans. The
government won’t stop them, so it is up to us to do the job!!!

Aug 15, 2014
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  • Je
      Oct 22, 2014

    I am with you let me know [protected] so let me know my name is Johnny

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