Billion Stars Expressirresponsible and bad arrangement billion star bus service

I didn't get into my bus on 1/12/2018 at 12.45am

Date of Incident: 1/12/2018
Client number : [protected]
Description of the incident:

I had booked bus ticket from, bus company - Billion Stars at 12.45am, pick up point at Kitchener Complex.
I was reach the said pick up point about 12.15am, but the complex is closed, no way to enter it, tried to called the bus company but no one answer the call. I was anxious as the time is close, walked around the complex to find the bus and any passenger like me.

A staff from nearby hotel told me, the bus usually stop at 7-eleven, which behind of the complex, i walked there asked few uncle nearby, they said saw a bus gone just 5 min ago, the timing 12.40am. I was surprised and frighten, as the yet of my booked timing. I was not give up and still waited another half an hour at roadside at the midnight myself a lady. At 1.10am, Finally i saw a Billion star bus turn up at opposite the road, i waved my hand, but the bus still continue moving, till i run and chase the bus with my luggage on the road, but the bus gone fast.

I was anxious till almost collapse! I have not idea what should i do then, without any contact person and still make few calls to malaysia and singapore Billion star.

still i have from some time and hoping the bus will turn back, till 1.30am i get into a cab with my tired body and heart. 1.40am i received a call from a ladies, asking me where are am I. I was happy but I had leave the place. Asked from the solution from the ladies, but she shout at me with bad attitude and said i should wait there like other passenger, why other people can make but i missed it! I requested option to refund bus fee or pick me at another location nearby place. she further shout that is impossible and my booking is from website, i should request from them.

This is super irresponsible and unreasonable service and arrangement from a bus company.

They should call your passager at the bus timing 12.45AM, not after 1hr delay of bus then search for them.

This is my fist time to take bus at that location, there is no one to guide and a phone number i can reach! i am well prepared and planned few months for today, all ruined by the company lousy arrangement and bad attitude!

I would like to request apologies from the company personally and compensation double of the ticket and my cab fee on the midnight. This is not only amount of compensation but it really make people to frustrated

Clara Ng

Nov 30, 2018

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