Billion Stars Expressdelayed and break down

I would like to complaint about Star Billion Express bus bound for Singapore. Im now still riding on the bus, 25th November 2018 5pm bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) station for Singapore.

Firstly, got to know that the bus is not direct to Singapore, it will stop at Larkin station in Johor. When I was waiting for the bus at the terminal gate. There will be time wasted for that as I wanted a direct bus to Singapore.

Secondly, it came late to TBS to pick up the passangers. Thirdly, the bus condition is poor. Seat looked quite shabby and the aircond is smelly.
Thirdly, the bus suddenly stopped somewhere, leaving us with questionmarked. We waited in the bus without aircond on, sweating. Got down the bus and found out the bus was actually breakdown. Rhe bus driver should at least informed us. We have waited for almost 2 hours to get it fixed. Now we have started back the journey and I hope we can reach Singapore without anymore trouble and in time before midnight as scheduled.

Nov 25, 2018

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