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Bill Seidle's Nissan Used Cars / 2000 Jeep Wrangler / poor & un-professional customer service!

1 United States

Perhaps the slogan that best defines my odessey with Bill Seidle's Nissan Used Cars at Miami Intn'l Mall is: "Great Price, horrible Service."
I bought the above mentioned car from them last July 27th with their promise to fix the a/c. Five days after the purchase I drove the car to their Service Dept. for the promised fix and that was the last time I saw my vehicle. Believe it or not, the whole team, from the Manager Mr Ramon Tellez, through the salesperson, to the Service Dept. Manager have been constantly promising me to finish the car the next day since the second day they had it. I must add that they have already collected the $2000.00 down payment and do not show any simpthoms or desire to act in a faster pace.

I've been given all kinds of excuses, but the most common one is that every time they find something broken they have to request it to a nearby dealership (no more than 7 to 8 miles away) and it takes them 2 days. Why didn't they make a list of all damaged parts from the beginning? Well, my take is this; since they have already made their kill with this car they are working on it on their spare time. Another cause could be their lack of experience with the Jeep brand.

To all the above I must add that not even a "loaner" has been offered to me... and most probably will be denied since the sale has already been made. This has imposed an already embarrassing burden on my family, friends and co-workers that so far have taken care of my transportation. I have researched on other local dealerships for how long it would take them to fix a car similar to mine (from a different brand than those they sell) and the work does not take more than 2 to 3 days replacing the entire a/c system (evaporator, lines, compressor, climate control, expansion valve... etc) When all the above factors are thrown into the mix, the inevitable conclusion is: "They are playing with the customer insulting the intelligence of any 7 year old kid." As an aviation worker/designer, it is easy to imagine how hard is having to hear all those excuses without loosing the calm. I want to emphases that I HAVE NOT conducted myself in any upset/uncorteous manner at any time and still, costumer service as a concept seems to have vanished from Bill Seidle's Nissan at Miami Int'l Mall. As an aggravant to this whole thing my five-year-old starts school (10 miles away) on next August 20th and still, no hope for a solution in the horizon.
Thanks for your attention.

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