Bigstockphoto.comShady business

I want to warn everybody about BigStockPhoto, better stay away from them, because they are scammers and not to be trusted.
I decided to try their service and signed up for a free trial. I used BigStockPhoto for maybe a week or two and decided to find another similar site. But the thing was that I forgot to cancel my subscription.
When I got charged I remembered about that. They charged me a monthly fee and I didn't even ask for refund, because that was my mistake. I only asked them to cancel my subscription, but they said that they'll cancel only after I pay for a full year. According to their rep I signed up for a 12 months plan and I could cancel my membership only after I pay for the whole plan!! Are you kidding me? I never signed up for a year, I never even planned to stay with them for such a long time. Horrible nasty cheaters! I called my bank and cancelled my card only to save my money from BigStockPhoto. Don't use them!

May 15, 2017

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