Model Mayhem Complaints & Reviews

Synesthesia Images Model Mayhem / creepy and unprofessional

Aug 19, 2018

Models beware!!! This man is not a professional, he will try to force himself on you! He claims to have a studio but it's his gross apartment. He has no professional equipment and no actual credentials. He will try to touch you inappropriately. He is an old creepy guy using model mayhem to...

Modelmayhem / identity theft

Aug 18, 2018

Astrid Photos Aug 16 18 04:22 pm Hi there, I was wondering why my request to create a profile was denied and closed? Thanks, MM Admin BrandiNettIB Aug 16 18 04:48 pm Hi there, Your account was denied because you appear to have been previously removed from Model Mayhem. Per our...

Model Mayhem / photographer

Jun 05, 2018

Model Mayhem photographer, Zach Reynolds of Sarasota, whose username is ZR Media, is an old pervert. I wanted swimsuit shots for my boyfriend. The second time I worked with him, not in a studio, but his dad's creepy apartment, he asked me to do things my gynecologist would never ask. He'...

Modelmayhem / subscription changes without permission

Apr 05, 2018

ModelmayhemI went into the hospital in late feb/2018 for some heart issues. Before I went in, I needed to take leave from my job and logged on to all sites that I have subscriptions to, and all that have auto bill pay because I knew my funds would be extremely limited. Modelmayhem was one of them. I...

Modelmayhem / model mayhem

Jul 10, 2017

“models beware!!! Many of these so-called mm photographers are nothing more than old lonely creepy freaks!!! Hiding behind cameras. This is their version of peek shows like on old times square in nyc, they are paying to view women's sometimes nude bodies. Don't be fooled! Check their credit...

Modelmayhem / pervert and sexual predators on mm

Jul 08, 2017

MM portfolio website is a Global portfolio modeling site, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Unfortunately, MM does not vet their subscribers. Anyone can join claiming to be a photographer there aren't any background checks done. Many of MM photographers are nothing more than sexual...

Model Mayhem / terrible customer service, they protect rapists and do not let some people join the site

Dec 04, 2016

This site is dying and is not even liked by people in this industry for the most part. They are currently being sued in court for protecting rapists and knowingly withholding that information and continuing to allow those people to use the site and thus have more victims, while the admin...

Modelmayhem / amateurs

Dec 01, 2016

I can't say anything good about ModelMayhem website. There are many profiles there but most of them are not active users. There are also a lot of so called models which don't look like models at all, they don't have any experience, they don't have the correct looks and shape, and know...

Modelmayhem / fake profiles

Aug 18, 2016

I am a photographer and I was searching for some models for my new project. I found ModelMayhem website and was really impressed that they had so many models on their site. I spent hours viewing profiles and found some really interesting models and decided to invite them to my project. I...

ModelMayhem.Com / beyond ridiculous

Jan 11, 2016

I had been a member for over five years! I am a well known photographer, had over a thousand friends on my page. Few weeks ago I noticed that my account was shut down for no reason. I sent them an email asking what was going on and they told that one model complained about me. Actually I...

Model Mayhem / model mayhem review

Jul 04, 2015

Model MayhemThis website has no regard for its customers. After that reply I sent a lengthy but respectful response to the moderator and she was completely unmoved. This is my first time encountering this webpage and I heard it had benefits of joining but if this is what you want to deal with, than... / disrespectful & arbitrary treatment

Jan 08, 2015

“Mayhem” means a life-diminishing injury like putting out an eye or severing a hand. Despite the dark connotation of its name, Model Mayhem presents on the surface as a lighthearted, informal place for models and photographers. Scratch that surface and you find North Korea in...

ModelMayhem.Com / sexual harassment

Mar 14, 2014

I have been a member of for over two months and in that time I have gotten ZERO legitimate modeling opportunities! All I have gotten is perverts asking for nude pictures, creeps wanting to chat with me and sleezy porn people trying to get me to have sex on camera for 300...

Model Mayhem / miss treatment by mods

Dec 25, 2012

I had multiple profiles for many years since 2008 before booted out by the childish, so called "mods". I had multiple 18+ picture of the day winners so I am an above average photographer who worked with 10s if not 100s of models. A few weeks after on of my 18+ winners it got deleted from...

Modelmayhem / theft by deception

Jul 04, 2012

I joined ModelMayhem and payed their annual membership fee. Two weeks after charging my card, they closed my account, claiming MY Photos which I took myself were owned by another photographer. I was NOT permitted to show proof that they were my images. I asked for the account to either be...

ModelMayhem.Com / team working on this website are horrible

Jan 18, 2012

The website as idea is good. But the team working on this website are horrible. If you have a questions they will take between month - 2 months to get back to you. If you have issue ofcourse it will not be solved and the last thing they will say "it's your problem". They are so...

ModelMayhem.Com / 95% of the models are not really models and many of the photographers are not really photographers

Apr 30, 2011

This site is a waste of time. 95% of the models are not really models and many of the photographers are not really photographers. Most of the 'models' are silly, narcissistic attention-seekers and their behaviour has given me a massive respect for the actual 'real' models I have met and...

Model Mayhem / manipulation


This is not really a complaint. I just noticed a lot people shared their stories about why they were banned from Model Mayhem, so I just wanted to share mine. My story is lengthy: In February of 2010, I joined a social networking site called Model Mayhem. It’s a site for model...

Model Mayhem / Industry secret modeling &techniques&


I went to him for a "trade" shoot. Here are his following lies...and what he really means: 1. No, I don't have a girlfriend... I have a fiancee! But I tell people that I have a huge house that own because I am such a rich photographer, and somehow have kids toys laying around in...

ModelMayhem.Com / scam


I was also reffered to this site by a friend in the industry. I had done a little modeling before but with an agency. When I first joined this site I was self represented and and asked a couple questions in the forums about how to go about this since my previous modeling work had been done...

ModelMayhem.Com / unprofessional mods


Its a wannabee site run by wannabee people who dont know a Ralph Lauren cover model from a Miss Luzon 1972. After contributing to the site for months and months, members are brigged without warning, shouted down by the mods and their henchmen, and banned by the site for such things a...