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We purchase the recliner on 09/18/16 for $446.89. The switch to make the recliner open has always been stiff and we thought that this was normal until this week 01/22/17 when the switch broke. The recliner now does not recline. On Monday, 01/23/17, I called the Van Nuys store on 7241 Sepulveda more than 4 times, each time staying on hold for more than 15 minutes, and the last time more than 30 minutes. I was told that the furniture person was not there that I should call back. Finally, I was able to speak to the furniture person "Ronald" who basically told me that he could not help, that I needed to call back tomorrow when "Paul" the furniture manager was in office and he could help. Therefore, I called this morning to be told that "Paul" would not be in again today. My husband left work to go into the store as I became very frustrated staying on hold with no response. The lady told him that the only option we had was to bring in the chair ourselves and they would issue a $200 store credit. We explained that we wanted a replacement, as my husband tested the exact recliner model in the store, and the switch was not stiff and worked perfectly. She said that either we keep the broken recliner or take the store credit.

Neither of these options are fair. If the switch was faulty and they have the exact recliner in stick, which they do, I think it is a fair request to replace it for the new one.

I added a copy of my receipt for the chair to this complaint, a

Big Lots

  • Updated by Jelka Dasent, Jan 24, 2017

    I also added a video of how the switch is supposed to work (based on the one in the store today), the one they sold us NEVER worked like that!

Jan 24, 2017

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