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We visited Big Bazaar at Tonk Road, Jaipur store on 13th Aug 08 with the purpose of purchasing the 29” television. We decided to buy a LG 29” TV Slim Magic Model No. LG 29FD7AGE (this correct Model No. we came to know on 25th Aug itself). It was lying at the display with the tag price of Rs.11, 790/- carrying the model No. LG 29 FG2AG-TG. The next day we went again and told them that we need the fresh piece instead of displayed one. He told us that fresh piece is not available. Mr. Sanjay Gehlot (Team Leader of Electronics Dept.) told us that this low price scheme is available for 2 more days so if you want then you have to pay full amount right now. Then we gave the full payment to him and he didn’t gave us the Invoice mentioning that Invoice will be given along with the delivery only, we trusted him and we didn’t took even the Photo copy of the Invoice. He gave us the Delivery Challan bearing S No. 286 (scanned copy attached herewith) where model No. was not mentioned. He then told us that your opted model will come from Gurgaon office on 18th Aug and will be delivered by either 18th or 19th Aug. We called him on 19th and was told that due to Transportation strike, there will be further delay of 2 more days i.e. 21st Aug 08. We called him again on 21st and were told that it has already been dispatched and going to come on Saturday, 23rd Aug. On Saturday we called him at 12:30 PM and were told by him that your TV has arrived, you can come in the evening to take the delivery. In the evening before going to Big Bazaar we called him up once again and was then told that your model no. didn’t came yet, some confusion happened so it will take another 2 or 3 days to come. We went there and spoke to some Mr. Kapil Joshi, he told us that he will let us know the correct position by tomorrow i.e. on Sunday, 24th Aug 08. On 24th Aug, we got a call from Mr. Amit Joshi (Department Head-Electronics) saying that some great confusion is there between Mr. Sanjay and us. The model No. for which we paid is lying with us so please come and collect your TV. When we went there, he showed us some other model lying at the display with the model .No LG 29 FG2AG-TG. We told them that we didn’t pay for this model. We told him that we paid them for model no. LG 29 FD7AGE/RGE (after seeing the brochure as no brochure was available on 14th), he told us there is some confusion, that the tag might got exchanged. Then we told him that we didn’t opt to buy the TV after seeing the tag, we re-confirmed this price twice on 13th & 14th with Mr. Om Prakash (Executive-Electronics) and with Mr.Sanjay Gehlot, team leader of Electronics Department and they told us the same price which was mentioned on the tag too. We accept that tag might get exchanged but how it could be possible for 2 continuous days the same tag has been displayed. Both executive and team leader told us the same price and after waiting for 11 days they told us that the price is higher, you have to pay Rs. 3000/- additional for that model which has been selected by you(on 14th Aug) We managed to take the Original Invoice from Mr. Amit Joshi on 24th Aug 08. Till 28th Aug 08, the payment was lying with them, we didn’t received any television from them they told that you have to take the model No. LG 29 FG2AG-TG. Now you tell us why we should take that television that we didn’t selected. We have paid for another model and they are giving us some another model. The mistake has been done by Big Bazaar staff, why should customer suffer for that. Finally on 28th Aug we collected our payment of Rs. 11, 800/- by giving the Original Invoice (scanned copy attached herewith) to Mr. Amit Joshi.

This is the clear case of cheating and mental harassment with the customer. Advise to Customers - Beware of Big Bazaar as you can be cheated any time.

Mamta Nanda
Nirman Nagar


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  • Ar
      Oct 07, 2008

    I totally agree with you. I had a similar experience with the same guy Sanjay. He is a useless guy.

    I am never going to purchase again from Bigbazaar.

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  • Yo
      Oct 14, 2008

    I have seen similar sort of complaints in Big Bazaar.

    Don't get into Big Bazaar as this is just a marketing funda ki Is see sasta Aur Kahi Nahi.

    New Delhi

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  • Mi
      Mar 04, 2009

    they are no.1 i also suffered for the same in chennai, i paid for a cot with mattress on 25.01.09 and im still awaiting for the delivery as already 40days gone.

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  • Ha
      May 08, 2009

    last sunday i bought LG window ac lucknow big bazaar gomati nagar and free gift one gram 24 carat gold coin but big bazaar staff gave me 18 carat gold coin..before buying ac big bazaar told and write me 24 carat gold coin. big bazaar u fraud me...why did u fraud me?let me know...

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  • Sh
      Jan 11, 2010

    ...Isse sasta aur accha kahin nahi?????

    ...Isse mehnga aur ganda kahin nahi...!!!

    Big Bazaar is a fraud shopping mall... This is third time i shopped at Big Bazaar and every time i had a very bad experience... Big bazaar prices are more than local market prices...

    Yesterday I shopped at Big Bazaar at R City Mall in Ghatkopar, Mumbai... every product was costlier than i usually buy from my local vendor or from Dmart... The worst was Mapro Kokum Sqsh 700 ([protected]) MRP on the product is 90 Rs...where as Big Bazaar charged me 99 Rs... i.e. 9 Rs more than MRP...and these guys claim Isse sasta kahin nahi... shame on you Big Bazaar... you guys are looting poor peoples money...

    Cashier Name was: Vandana Narangakar
    Receipt No: 0000084 Till no:14

    I have kept the bill and product on which MRP is written ...

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