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Hello, Ive ordered to products and have not recieved anything the charged my card immediately and have no info on where my order is. If any one can help me out on how I can get my money back I will gladly apperiacte it.

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  • Ms
      Jan 04, 2010

    I'm sorry, try getting your funds back from your bank.Print some scam reports from the internet to show your bank.They took my daughter's money and never shipped any items.Better Business Bureau could help you and file an internet fraud complaint about them through your state and California, where they supposedly are.Good luck!!

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  • Li
      Jan 06, 2010

    Guess what people finally got a answer from the company and they said since i had ordered a make up palette that was not in stock that is why they held my order. but the web site it did not mention that the product was out of stock. But they ended up sending me the most recent order. Yes believe or not I ordered again but recieved the product in two days. Now just waiting for the back order hoping for that one soon!! But people please do your homework and try to find out if the company is a good company. Start by googling the compay and everything about it shoui d show up. Always pay with some kind of credit card so that if you do gert ripped off your card can return your funds it will take some time but you won't loose your money. Thank you everyone who commented back and will be reposting to see what happens with last product that I am waiting for!!

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  • Il
      May 03, 2010

    Hello! I have ordered my product and received absolutley no tracking information!! I'm usually a little over paranoid when it comes to things like these, but this doesen't seem normal. However the website seemed very business and professional-like, so I hope I will not get ripped off. Your comments have helped a lot, so thank you for that, if you have any info you can share with me on why I'm not getting my product, please let me know, it would be so greatly appreciated!! :)

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  • Ha
      Jun 17, 2010

    making the same comment i made in a similar thread, & some people may be having a problem because where they are located compared to where the company is& it's a newer-ish company

    "I'm actually pretty pleased with this product, was pretty hesitant on even buying it in the first place though because of the price but i ended up pretty happy with what i ordered, there's no way i'd usually spend that much on a single make-up item unless i was sure but took a leap of faith. I got the 120 pallete 2nd edition & bought a brush set as well, i love the pigmentation of the colors and the brushes are pretty nice. I recieved my order quickly& it was nicely packaged. Each of the brushes even had their own protective sleeve within their case! I was impressed and will probably order from them again in the future. Just don't want other buyers worrying this may be a scam cause i know what it's like to be there, which is why i'll somtimes spend a few days mulling over whether i should purchase an item or not from whatever site i'm buying from that's newer to me.

    I suggest to many of you, if you don't knbow of the site already, to check out the site Sephora. I've recently stumbled upon it and i'm extremely pleased, they sell make-up from MANY brands"

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  • Li
      Mar 01, 2011

    Well I did get my issue resolved with BH Cosmetics my stuff was finally sent.Thank you to all who had a comment to say but keep tryn to get your case resolved they will eventually get to it.

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  •   Sep 18, 2013

    Hello, linsonmesa

    We are happy that you got your issue resolved. We pride ourselves in our world class customer service and understand that we may fall short of that sometimes. We appreciate you being a loyal customer and look forward to doing business with you.


    BH Cosmetics Management

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