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I had some weight problems so I decided to go for Beyond Diet service. They offered free trial and I signed up for it, when I became totally dissatisfied with their product I decided to cancel. I followed all the steps mentioned on their website but next month I was charged full subscription price.

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  • Ta
      17th of Apr, 2012

    I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We would be more than happy to help you get a refund for this accidental purchase. Please contact us at [protected] or 1-800-815-1941 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will assist you.

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  • Mi
      7th of Aug, 2014

    I've returned books which I did not like. I was promised satisfaction guarantee. Yet, I have not been given credit to my account. I want nothing to do with this company. No one answers phone, nor email.

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  • An
      18th of May, 2015

    I also signed up for the trial and was charged every month. I have contacted them several times to cancel and they are still charging. I have never even looked at the website! I might have to cancel my credit card to stop paying.

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  • Ma
      14th of Sep, 2015

    I have tried unsuccessfully to reach customer service to cancel my subscription and return my latest purchase. I can never get through to customer service. I agree that this is just a big scam. Every day you are directed to another weight loss or fitness person who hulks their scheme to try to get customer by being referred by Beyond Diet. Very disappointed.
    Margaret May

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  • Tr
      28th of Jan, 2016

    I have tried to contact them for ten days with their email, and no one ever picks up the phone

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  • Jb
      4th of Feb, 2016

    I am having the same problem. Requested refund by email and cannot reach anyone by phone. This stinks, may have to cancel credit card to get some relief.

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  • Re
      15th of Feb, 2016

    I tried this membership with great hopes but after getting a lot of their information, I realized this was not a program for me. I have tried to get them to cancel the membership fee of $14.93 each month but they are continuing to charge my bank account. I have emailed them several times and have tried calling them but can not get through. Today it is technical difficulties with their phones.

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  • Li
      20th of Feb, 2016

    Beyond diet cancellation process is not easy, they lack customer service and integrity. Do not purchase!

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  • Ro
      7th of Mar, 2016

    I have tried to email the [protected] to cancel my subscription but no one is attending my email. I cannot call their number coz its international and i am living in the Philippines. please help me to cancel my subscription to beyond diet. I don't want them to charge my credit card again. this is really frustrating.

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  • Ja
      15th of Mar, 2016

    I bought the basic programme. My dietician advised against going on such a program due to existing health conditions. I requested a refund well ahead of the expiry of the so-called 60 day guarantee and they have the nerve to tell me I am not eligible for a refund because the guarantee had expired. I bought the programme 26 December. I requested a refund via their website - got no reply. Requested again 5 Feb. smh

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  • Ls
      24th of Mar, 2016

    I have sent at least 6 emails requesting to cancel and no one answers my emails and when I call no one answers the phone. I do not understand why some regulatory agency is not looking into this company. Many people are being taken advantage of. I along with others want resolution, which is refund previous charges and cancel membership.

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  • Mb
      30th of Mar, 2016

    I called and cancelled Beyond Diet, and was told it would be cancelled, but they kept sending me the product. When I called again, I asked if I should return the product, no need they said our fault. When I asked where the refund was, i was told you must return the product. So I found the product and it has to be returned within 60 days, and then I was emailed and told my 60 days was up. However, the invvoice is dated 2/7/2016. When I calculate 60 days from 2/7/2016 it is 4/8/2016, if you count the weekend days. In my calculation I still should be able to return product, as today is 3/30/2016.

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  • Ta
      2nd of Apr, 2016

    I have been trying for over a month now and there is no customer service! I want to cancel my account and have failed to get in contact with them.

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  • Ca
      13th of May, 2016

    I called to cancel this Jan.26 and a man named Shane Boeger talked me into taking one more month at half the price for $7.99. At the end of Feb. I could not get in touch with anyone but they said to email to cancel. I did and no response. Was charged again in March and was furious and tried again and again to get customer service. Finally on April 15 I spoke to a girl, Jazman, and she was sorry and would credit my account and take me off the program. Just received my bill today and got the credit on April 15, but was charged again the same day for $7.99. Called my credit card company and they are putting it into dispute and blocking my card from Beyond Diet for any other charges. Of course I have called them and customer service has only a recording that no one was there and to email them. I have never had this much trouble with any on-line purchases and would not recommend them to ANYONE. Do not get scammed by them and do not take her program or you will wish you did not have this headache. Carole

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  • An
      7th of Jul, 2016

    Several emails and phone calls to 1-800-815-1941. The customer service representative indicated another email was sent to confirm the cancellation, therefore they didn't cancel. Between emails and calling the 800# since February 2016, they still have not cancelled. It is a scam to get your credit card information and continue to bill until you report fraud and cancel the credit card. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. IT IS A SCAM!

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  • Sh
      11th of Oct, 2017

    I also am waiting for refund that will never come. I have the charge for the Protein Powder in dispute. Called and emailed. Was told to return product within 30 days and get tracking number. Had emailed tracking information and the return arrived there and someone signed for it. Explained situation to my credit card company and 3 weeks later, still in dispute. Well they talk a good talk but now I see they are just like Gunthy Renker not waiting to refund money.

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  • Gi
      24th of Mar, 2018

    The Beyond Diet website doesn't give you any options to cancel. I had to do a Google search for information on canceling. I sent an email to Beyond Diet requesting cancellation, we'll see if it actually happens. I feel that any program that makes it difficult to cancel is a scam.

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