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D Nov 22, 2017

I purchased the "Better Homes and Gardens Teal Medallion 16 Piece Dinnerware Set, Dark Teal" in February 2017, and began using it in July 2017.

The dishes have been used very lightly over the past 4.5 months:
~I am a single woman, 65 years old, and only rarely entertain dinner guests.
~I do not have a dishwasher, so all dinnerware is washed by hand.
~I'm vegan, so I don't use sharp knives to saw away at pieces of meat.

And yet, soon after I began using the dinnerware, the large platters began to show white scratch marks across the solid-colored central portion of the plates. More recently, dark blue lines have appeared. (See attached photo.)

A few days ago one of the platters has cracked after I placed it in a 250-degree oven to warm it--even though the set is sold as one that tolerates a 400-degree oven.

I'm extremely disappointed that a Better Homes and Gardens product has proven to be of such poor quality. Please provide a refund or replacement.

Thank you.
Jan Allegretti.

Better Homes and Gardens

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