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I fell for the claims of perfection on their website, further solidified by the high price ($1490). Bottom line - these folks are crooks. After ordering, I pressed them for a picture of the watch I was to receive. After several attempts, they finally sent me a picture. The picture they sent me was the worst looking replica I have ever seen of a Daytona. Not even a novice would think this thing was genuine. I contacted them to complain (prior to shipment). They were very rude, and eventually offered to cancel the order. I accepted the offer to cancel, and was then told it would take over a month to get the refund to my CC. At this point I contacted my CC company and initiated charge back procedures. I have no reason to believe these crooks are doing anything but stalling. I have learned a valuable lesson - if you want a Rolex, buy a Rolex. There simply are *NO* replicas out there that are worth a plug nickel - no matter how much you pay for one. STAY AWAY from BESTSWISS.COM

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  • Jc
      Feb 28, 2009 - scam and rip of
    New York
    New York
    United States

    Scam Rip Off

    Advertise top quality swiss made watches instead ship out cheap pieces of junk.

    calls go to message system and never answered



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  • Tr
      Mar 15, 2010 - Rip off
    United States, advertise that their two tone watches are solid gold, with swiss 27jewels and real Rolex dials.

    Don't beleive it the watch they sent me was partially gold plated with a cheap Asian 25 jewels and a toy looking Rolex dial.

    Save your money and do your research and always pay by credit card, I wish I had used my credit card, I went through western union and lost hundreds of dollars.

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  • - replica watch alert to rip off
    United States

    ***FLASH ALERT **** this company advertises grade one swiss---what you get are cheap asia quality watches worth aroung 50 bucks.

    AVOID they are scamers and rip off artists

    Flush you money in the can

    ***BUT AVOID

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  • Ho
      Oct 27, 2011 - Avoid this website at all costs
    United States, stated that the watch that I was buying was a solid gold two tone watch with a swiss 27 jewels and a real rolex dial, I received a watch that was poorly gold plated with an Asian 25 jewels with a toy rolex dial.

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  • Ji
      Dec 07, 2012

    Here is an actual picture of the JUNK they are peddling...

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  • Nj
      Dec 15, 2012 - HELP
    New Jersey
    United States

    I found this website and am skeptical... they seem to be very convincing but the complaints on this forum make me worried.
    Would love some feedback

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