Best Western / reservations, cleanliness, rudeness, price gouging

Navasota, TX, United States

This hotel is an absolute mess. I booked the hotel on August 11, 2017 for September 22 - 24 for a softball tournament. On Wednesday 9/20/17 we obtained our softball schedule for the weekend and got very late games therefore we did not need rooms for Friday night 9/22/17. I called to cancel just that night (9/22/17) of our entire stay and was told I could not as the hotel has a 72 hour cancelation rule. I said ok and went ahead and drove down late the night of the 22nd with my two children, husband, two of our friends and their two children. When we got to the hotel, the staff member (Amelia) was on a personal call and making arrangements for a night out after she got off work. After she finally got off the phone she proceeded to check me in and tell me that they (their hotel administration) had changed our reservation on 8/12/17 to a single king (keep in mind I am with my husband, two children and our friends that were staying here too were also 4 people to a room). I then asked her what they were going to do to fix the issue and she got on the phone again and relayed information to me from whoever she was talking to. She basically said sorry nothing we can do your just going to have to deal with it. We then spent the next 45 minutes trying to get her to call a manager, find other rooms, call a sister hotel (none of which would she do and said they had no manager). I then got on the phone with the Best Western 800# that gave me another number I could call at 8:00 the following morning. Bottom line, the hotel canceled our Saturday rooms and made us take a single king with no cots and no extra blankets and put us in a smoking double for the one night (requested non smoking - have a child with asthma) and left us with no choice as their were no hotels with availability within a 40 mile radius and all this after driving 2.5 hours after we got off of work at 9:00 pm to get there. Amelia, the staff member just left in the middle of this conversation and refused to help and left someone else (Adrianna) holding the bag with no info and apologizing for the other staff member. When we got to the room there were flashing lights coming from the bathroom because of some electrical problem, there were roaches in the bathroom and all over the front door, the sheets were stained and the room stunk of stale cigarette smoke. I WILL NEVER STAY AT A BEST WESTERN AGAIN IF THOSNIS HOW YOUR CUSTOMERS GET TREATED.

Sep 23, 2017

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