Best Denki Sdn Bhd / Bad customer service

I purchased a Philips steam iron from Best Denki for RM109 in April 2008. The iron was on sale and I have no idea it does not have automatic thermostat control. I actually burnt a shirt the first time I used the iron because it was too hot! I checked the control on the iron again and again but it was clearly set to Cotton/Silk - almost at the lowest temp setting. I also noticed that water tends to leak out when I sit the iron upright on the ironing board. I went back to the store at Mid Valley Megamall to make a complain and tried to exchange for another model. The store manager tested the iron and found it to be in proper working condition but nevertheless admitted that this iron does not have automatic thermostat control that cuts off the electricity supply when the iron gets too hot. I told him that I was ill informed about the features of this iron and would like to exchange for another one as I found it to be hazardous to be used at home with kids around the house! I told him I was more than happy to pay the price difference for another more expensive model with the automatic thermostat control. The store manager was adamant that there was nothing he could do to help me as this iron was on sale hence no exchange / refund was allowed in any circumstances! He said the reason why the iron was on such cheap sale is because of this defect in the product feature and if I had wanted something else, I should'nt have bought it. I am appalled at the poor customer service provided to me due to this store's unfriendly and inflexible exchange/refund policies! The staff are not trained in providing excellent service to the clients such that they are able to choose the most appropriate product suited to their needs and budget! I am completely disappointed with Best Denki and will never step back in the store again in the future after this incident!


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