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I am a regular customer at Bershka, both in Spain as well as in Poland where I live.
I love Bershka's clothes as well as the customer treatment they always give me.

I was in Rome two days ago and visited Bershka (on Saturday 16th June; around 3:30 PM), however the treatment I was given was totally inappropriate in my opinion.
Together with my fiance we picked some clothes we wanted to try (and possibly buy) so we went to the fitting room. I was denied access as the guy told me I had to go upstairs to the ladies' fitting room. I said ok, I left the clothes I had in my hand and told my fiance to try the clothes he chose first. He went into the fitting room and I followed him, but the guy said it was strictly forbidden as it was men's fitting room. I said that I had no clothes to try, but I only wanted to check how my fiance looked in the clothes he picked. But the guy still denied me accessing the fitting room saying that once my fiance puts the clothes on, he can go out of the fitting room (into the store) so that I could see how they fit.
We were astonished as it has never happened before. I do not understand such a behaviour as Italy is not a Muslim country...

We decided to leave the store because of such treatment.

I do not think Bershka has a policy that denies women accessing men's fitting rooms just in Rome? And I do not even mean accessing the same fitting room cubicle, but just waiting in the fitting room waiting for the other person to try the clothes to give him personal opinion.

I would appreciate if you could investigate the issue as I think that someone is breaking Bershka's law.

Thank you so much in advance.

Best Regards,
Agnieszka Mika

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    hey hey.. before you post such an unfair comment, please think twice and check the reality as the world you live in seems to be detached from the reality.

    Why? Because your comment is irrelevant - because when you go into the changing room lounge, you have your own 'cubicle', you close the door/curtain and nobody sees you.. you are in private... What country are you from as maybe you have not seen a changing room with doors..? see the photo from the Bershka's changing room.

    you said: 'You dont know who else in in the waiting room, and it might just be a possibility, that a man doesnt want a woman in the dressing room, watching when he is changing'

    unfair behaviour
Jun 18, 2018

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