Bershkacustomer service

Almost two weeks ago I was in your Bershka store in Jervis Shopping Centre, Henry St. I purchased jeans there as I am a regular customer and I enjoy wearing the jeans which are sold there. Unfortunately when I got home I had come to find out that there was a tag left in the jeans. The store was busy at the time of purchase so I understand the young lad at the till was under pressure. However this does not excuse the fact that the tag was still on there. Being someone who has retail experience the tag is the first thing you should notice when dealing with a customer. This was very disappointing. I returned to the store today to have the tag removed. There was a queue at the till and seeing as I've already purchased the jeans there was no need for me to wait in the queue. As I walked up to the front of the till I noticed the same lad who served me the last time I was there as well as another female sales assistant or supervisor. I mentioned to her that there was a tag left on my item & she proceeded to tell me to wait in line. As confused & irritated I was by her answer, I walked to the not so long line as I was not in a rush. When I got to the front of the shop, I dealt with the lad and told him he had left the tag on the jeans. He took the tag off and told me to walk up to the till next time if it happens again. However this isn't common sense & tags should not be left on clothes at purchase. Before I left I told him that I was told to wait in line as it was evident that the staff do not talk amongst each other. I will no longer be shopping in this Bershka branch as the customer service that I experienced was appalling.

Jul 29, 2018

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