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I purchased a Bernhardt chair and ottoman. Bernhardt claims to make quality products and, therefore, the increase in cost is justified. However, the fabric on my chair and ottoman started disintegrating less than two years after purchase. The fabric has a design on it made of chenille and the chenille just falls off of it so now I have bald patches all over the chair and ottoman. In addition, the cushion on the back of the chair was never filled properly and looks like a squished brown lump - not very attractive and not easy to sit in. You can't make the cushion stay up - it just flops over. I have followed up with my salesperson and with Bernhardt to no avail. They always say they will get back to me but never do. I have shown pictures to furniture repair shops and to local furniture stores and they all say that it is faulty workmanship.

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  • Ca
      Aug 04, 2010

    I too purchased Bernhardt furniture (sectional and loveseat) and found both the quality and their standing behind their merchandise to be aweful. The leather was marked up on the back of the loveseat and the stitching defective on the sofa. Upon registering a complaint with the company from NC that we bought it from we had to go thru h... and back to get any satisfaction. I guess that buying it from a dealer in NS means that they do not stand behind their product. We were told that because we had purchased it this way that their service area reps do not come out and view or even consider any defects. We needed to send picture and then see if they acknowledge any problems. It was even mentioned that maybe we caused the defects ourselves. Needless to say, as od today, we are still waiting for resolution. My recommendation is to not support the Bernhardt brand as a lot of their products are made overseas in China - keep it America...


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  • Ca
      Mar 21, 2011

    Unless you are buying furniture made by the Amish And you are standing there looking them in the eye, You are buying a foreign made product...There are NO 100%American furniture companies left, a few companies are still doing last minute finishing here to get that Made in USA stamp. Everything is made overseas or Mexico. worked in furniture for years & have seen the disintegration. It's a buyer beware market now. Rule of thumb is China bad ! Mexico much bettter. Try dragging that info out of your sales people (Who usually don't know)

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  • Sw
      Nov 14, 2011

    My husband bought me a sectional for Christmas last year (2010) . I really loved the style of this bernhardt .But after just six months the cushion on the back of the sectional started to flatten and I repeatedly fluff them which did no good they just ended up looking like lumpy sacks of potatoes. I contacted the store I got the sectional from and they ordered me more cushion filler which worked great for about 3 months then the cushions started to compress again. When I called the store back about this, the Owner basically told me if I had not sat on the couch it would have held up better. The promblem is the way they made them cushions, the filling is in three separate chambers, so they just colapse on top of each chamber. I would not buy any thing from Bernhardt company.

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  • Sw
      Nov 14, 2011

    My husband bought me a sectional for Christmas last year (2010) . I really loved the style of this Bernhardt .But after just six months the cushion on the back of the sectional started to flatten and I repeatedly fluff them which did no good they just ended up looking like lumpy sacks of potatoes. I contacted the store I got the sectional from and they ordered me more cushion filler which worked great for about 3 months then the cushions started to compress again. When I called the store back about this, the Owner basically told me if I had not sat on the couch it would have held up better. The problem is the way they made them cushions, the filling is in three separate chambers, so they just collapse on top of each chamber. I would not buy any thing from Bernhardt company.

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  • P8
      Jan 08, 2012

    Our Bernhardt sofa starting deteriorating shortly after purchase. After less than 2 years we had to put a wood support under the seat cushions to prevent sagging . Feathers from all cushions penetrated both the inner lining fabric and the outer upholstery fabric . Our cushions were saggy lumpy sacks with feathers everywhere .We had to line all the cushions. Managed to live with this piece of garbage for 5 years then we could, t stand it any more and finally dumped it . This was a $2500 sofa. This company should be ashamed of itself.

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  • Wi
      Feb 01, 2012

    Yep. We purchased a love seat in 2007 from a reputable high end furniture dealer in Austin, Tx and paid about $2000 with the custom chenille fabric. The back support pillows are deflated blobs and the seat cushions are misshapen after a little time and wear. Cushions also shed their down feathers. I do like that I can remove covers on each of cushions and throw in washing machine. I try to re-fluff the cushion back interiors all the time without success. The look of our love seat is now frumpy and used, no longer classic and high end. I guess furniture is a disposable thing these days so you will just keep buying it every 5 years.

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  • Jc
      Jun 06, 2012

    About five years ago I purchased a leather sectional from a upscale retailer.within two years I noticed some cracking and peeling. I notified the store I purchased it from, and because I purchased the sectional over a year ago they told me to contact Bernhardt with no avail. We sent pictures, spoke to a representative and nothing.The sectional is peeling all over. Unbelievable mr&.mrsFlorida

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  • Re
      Jul 10, 2012

    These all sound like our story. We bought a Bernhardt sofa and love seat from Raymour and Flanagan's and they are terrible. The seat cushion's have compressed into flat semi hard, deformed blobs. We had been shopping for a nice leather living room set and paid almost $5200 for the furniture.
    The store has all but told us that they are not interested in our complaint, the issue is with the manufacturer and we should deal with them. When you can actually get someone one the phone they seem to have a list of BS excuses at the ready. We were told that since we never mailed in the "product registration" cards that we were not covered by the warranty. Then we were told that "fine" furniture should be treated gently and that whatever we were doing to cause the problems (sitting) were our fault and not theirs.
    We paid a premium for what we thought was very good furniture, this set is barely a year old...the company is not interested in customer service, they cash your check and they are done with you. We will never buy another of their products again and will tell every person we know to not buy a Bernhardt product or shop at Raymour and Flanagan's.

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  • Lb
      Jan 10, 2013

    I too purchased a Bernhardt Leather Sectional. Within 2 years, it (the leather) began to peel. The sofa was over 18 months before I began using was in an extra room, and was not be used. There was no direct sunlight on the sofa. This seems to be a routine problem with Bernhardt leather products. Cost to re-upholster the sofa exceeds the cost of the initial purchase...

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  • Lb
      Jan 10, 2013


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  • Pa
      Jan 11, 2013

    Has anyone bought the Willshire Blvd Dinning collection? I am planning to buy this set and would like to know if its worth buying.

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  • Su
      Jan 26, 2013

    Oh my gosh! I purchased the top sofa on this site. The fabric has come off after only a month. I am freaking out! We bought it at Dillards in December. I am waiting for the company to come and look at it but they keep putting me off. I will never shop at Dillards again or buy a Bernhardt piece od junk furniture again.

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  • Am
      Jul 15, 2013

    I will never by Bernhardt Furniture again! We purchased our set from Macy's. The leather is peeling and some of the seams are coming apart. We purchased the extended warranty offered by Macy's so we're waiting to see want happens.

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  • An
      Sep 16, 2013

    We bought our three leather Bernhardt sofas at Macy's, we also purchased the extended warrantee. Two out of the three sofas look like garbage due to the so called leather peeling. We contacted Bernhardt, and were told that they were not responsible for peeling. We thought we would be covered by the Macy's warrantee, they also responded by saying they did not cover peeling either. My biggest concern is that we were misslead, we were told we were buying leather sofas, and needless to say we thought were buying a very good quality leather sofa being that it was of the Bernhardt brand. We have a leather sofa, loveseat, large chair and ottoman, which was purchased from Rooms to Go, for the family room, these sofas are used daily, and survived my four children growing up. These sofa set cost us less than one of the three Bernhardt sofas. The Rooms To Go sofas are possibly four to five years older the Bernhardt sofas and they look great compared to the Bernhardt Sofas which have been sitting in a living room, simply as a viewing area with a pethatic lack use which should have kept looking new for a lifetime. Instead they look like trash, and we could not get either Bernhardt, nor Macy's to resolve the matter or explain why these so called leather sofas have peeled in the manner they did. I will not purchase any furniture from either of these two huge companies, and would not recomend any friends to do either, as for the Macy's extended warantee, it turned out to be a waste of money, just like the Bernhardt sofas!

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  • Ll
      Sep 17, 2013
    Bernhardt - poor quality leather and no warranty
    Haverty's Furniture
    United States

    We purchased a leather chair and ottoman from Haverty's when they were going out of business. It was a lovely set, however within weeks we started noticing the leather cracking and pealing off. We found our receipt and the manufacturer (Bernhardt). They will not honor their product (4 months old) because it was sold "As Is". all furniture in a store going out of business is sold as is. However, it looked to be perfect and in great condition when we brought it home. Bernhardt has a very poor product and very poor customer service and language in their "limited" warranty to cover their A$$ because they know it is very poor.

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  • Es
      Oct 16, 2013

    I bought two Bernhart Sofas and the so called lifetime warranty that both turned out worthless!!! The fabric did not hold up for even a year, feathers constantly coming out of the cushions and the fabric seams are coming apart. I will never buy another piece of furniture from Bernhart!

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  • Ke
      Oct 25, 2013

    Thanks for all the reviews. I was planning to buy from them soon but won't do that after reading the reviews.
    I hope they will get back with the people that are not satisfies from the products.

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  • Pa
      Nov 02, 2013

    We bought a leather Bernhardt set and in less than 2 years the cushions are dimpling which makes the furniture look terrible. Buyer beware. It may look good when you buy it but it wont look good long in your home if you actually use your furniture which most people do.

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  • In
      Dec 03, 2013
    Best Best Advice

    I would first off like to say that purchasing a couch for $2k does not mean that you will be receiving a high end, made in USA, quality piece of furniture. The things that I look for in upholstered furniture are: 1) Kiln dried Hardwood Frame 2) Eight Way Hand-Tied Springs (not a drop-in unit) 3) Made in the USA.

    You have to remember that if you would like to have all feather pillows, you are talking a ton of fluffing. I prefer to have a mix of foam and feather baffling myself.

    After all is said and done, when you are purchasing a couch that is made outside of the US, in a factory that pumps out furniture all day and night, for less that $3k, you should expect to have some duds here and there. I do believe you should get your money back if the product doesn't hold up, but I would suggest that you also ask a knowledgeable sales associate to give you an idea of how long you should expect it to last. My ratings are typically - High end (will be passed down to my grandkids and reupholstered over and over); Mid Range (I can expect it to look pretty good for around 10-15 years); Low Range (I will be lucky to get 5-10 years out of it if I am gentle with it); Throw Away (ex: IKEA I am just using it lightly for a couple of years).

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  • Ac
      Jan 01, 2014

    I purchased a sofa and two side chairs from Bernhardt. Pretty much all my main pieces of furniture throughout our home is Bernhardt. Have always loved the style and the the appearance of quality. While the bedroom and dinning room future have with stood the test of time the family room furniture has not held up as well . The sofa sags in the middle and the pillows I have to fluffy every day. The sit cushions are reversed so as not to sit on the same side for long periods of time. I have tired everything to keep it looking as good as the day I brought it and the amount of money I paid for it, it should last forever. I am disappointment with the way the sofa and one of the side chairs have aged. I am now attempting to contact the company regarding the condition that we find the sofa in at this point. When I purchased it from Macy's it was sold with a life time warranty of the support of the cushions. I recently contacted Macy and they say it is the manufacturers responsibility to honor our warranty. Well we shell see. I have left a message with Bernhardt, have yet to receive a return call. If anyone has experienced results from Bernhardt would like to know.

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  • Ch
      Feb 18, 2014

    We purchased a Bernhardt sofa and love seat from Dillard's. The leather is peeling and Bernhardt states that their leather is only guaranteed for a year. In excess of $4, 000 was paid for this mess and they guaranteed their leather a year!!!
    Never again will I even look at a Barnhard piece of trash...The company is a "rip off"!!
    I will have to think "long and hard" before I even purchase furniture from a store that carries makes me wonder if the store carries Barnhardt...are they reputable.

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  • Ja
      May 10, 2014

    I wish i read these complaints before I bought my Foster 5177L leather couch from Raymour and Flannagan. They shouldn't even tell anyone they carry Bernhardt Furniture. MY couch is TERRIBLE!!! If I could get rid of it right now I would. The cushions sink between the first two cushions. We were told not to sit between the cushions. REALLY!!! I purposely sit near the arm of this chair just so I don't sink in the hole. They do not stand behind their product. Cushions have been replaced and the problem begins again within six months. Can't wait to save enough money to get another couch and get rid of this trash. Do not buy a couch from these companies!!!

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  • I was under the impression that Bernhardt was quality furniture until we purchased one of their sofas, the fabric looked like it was 20 years old after only six months, excessive pulling and fraying. We have no children or pets in the house just my husband and me.

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  • I have six leather dining chairs from Bernhardt that have cracked/ripped and look awful! Love my china cabinet and dining table but am disgusted with the low quality leather used. Big stamp on the bottom of each chair, made in China! Guess we are paying for the fuel and crates to get them to the states! Start employing some of our unemployed citizens, Bernhardt, and give up a little of that profit! You should be ashamed!

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  • St
      Sep 30, 2014

    We purchased a Bernhardt leather sofa and chair. The leather is peeling on the sofa but not the chair yet. The chair isn't used very much and is in our bedroom, but the sofa is used everyday. It is not in direct sunlight. We had the cushions covered with material because they were peeling so bad. Now the rest of the couch is peeling. We have had the sofa for approx. 5 years. We paid a lot for it at Havertys and thought Bernhardt was a good brand. I thought it would last for a very long time since it cost so much. Very disappointed, and will not buy that brand again.

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  • Wa
      Nov 13, 2014

    I also purchased a Berhardt leather sectional (like the one above ) at Dillard's in Austin that peeled and cracked within 2 years. I had a battle with one if their reps for over 2 years to no avail. I'm now going to send one of the cushions to their CEO so that he can see and feel what their "quality" looks like. I'm ready to just get rid of it because the remants could be toxic and it's an eye sore. I too had experienced good quality with Berhardt and thought the $2000 purchase would be a good one. I also have a Berhardt Marthat Stewart bed purchased at Dillards that doesn't support the foundation -- no luck on that one either. Looking at all of the complaints on this site what are they doing to save their reputation and regain customer confidence? Absolutely Nothing!

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  • Na
      Nov 21, 2014

    I wish, I did my homework also and read all reviews before I purchase the Bernhardt Argent Round Dining Glass Table (48")
    in Sklar Peppler Furnishings store in Ajax, 274 Mackenzie Avenue, Ontario, Canada. Glass table we have received was damaged and we not noticed right away. Too bad, after contacting the costumer service they brush us off indicating that we caused the damage on the class table since the quality cheek at the store has been completed, before we pick up the furniture. I was also under the impression that Bernhardt was quality furniture and stand behind their products and was assured by my in home sales rep. I guess, I was wrong. Lessons learn, Ontario canadian buyers beware and stay away from this " reputable" outlet store.

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  • Bo
      Sep 11, 2015

    Same story here, Beautiful Barnhardt leather sofa and ottoman from Macy's. Spent $4500... and not only is the leather peeling, but it makes a mess all over the floor where it is constantly flaking off. Greatly mislead as this being a quality furniture company and turns out it is one of the worst ever. I tried to contact Barnhardt and Macy's. Neither one wanted to take responsibility. In my opinion, this is a manufactures defect. Barnhardt should stand behind their product.

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  • Pe
      Sep 17, 2015

    My late husband and I purchased a Bernhardt sectional sofa and ottomans around 2000, we also purchased the extended warranty and leather care protection. This was put in a family room that was very seldom used. The original purchase price was 6, 000.00 but we thought we were getting an excellent deal when it was on sale for half price. We were told that this was a "Real Leather" sofa!!! The "leather" started peeling several years ago and of course it was past all warrienties. I just saw how you could paint leather furniture and started doing some research only to discover that what I had bought was NOT the "Real Leather" that I thought I was buying but a product of pieces of lether bonded to fabric. Of course no one takes responsibility to rectify this problem...I am stuck with a 6, 000.00 sofa that I'm trying to figure out how to paint just to stop the peeling! Does anyone see a problem with this?? I would just thrown the sofa out but it has a special meaning to me. Bernhardt should be responsible for repairing or replacing inferior products or quit selling them. Bernhardt you should be ashamed!!

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  • De
      Sep 17, 2015

    I too purchased furniture from this ridiculously over priced company. My sofa and chair have arms made out of some polyurethane material that dents when you lean on it. This happened within the first few months of owning the furniture. I weigh 155 pounds and my wife 115, that should never have happened. I tried to get in touch with this company on a few occasions to no avail. I'm surprised that no one has ever filed a civil lawsuit against Bernhardt. They are ripping people off. Also, the piping on my pillows and cushions are made out of some polyurethane material that cuts through the fabric. Terrible choices of materials to construct a product out of that needs to stand up to some wear and tear. I would love to see this company pay up for their greed.

    Another frustrated consumer of Bernhardt furniture.

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  • Po
      Oct 02, 2015

    Bernhardt Foster Sectional. Looks good. Low quality construction. Poor spring support. Large people can hardly get out of it they sit so low. Waste of money. I will pay more and get long lasting quality next time

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  • Ks
      Dec 02, 2015

    TERRIBLE PRODUCT!!! I was just now taking apart my Bernhardt "leather" sofa to throw to the curb and I wanted to see if others had the same problem-we were all scammed. My leather couch is peeling like it has a third degree sunburn. All the thousands of dollars wasted. Please do yourself a favor and do not even consider buying. I have a beautiful leather couch from LJ Edwards that has survived years of my black lab and children. There are great finds out there-just not Bernhardt!

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  • Jo
      Feb 04, 2016

    Similar experience: we purchased A Bernhard Cassandra Sofa and Chair Jan 2016 from Hemisphers'. It was on sale, but still expensive. They looked great. The problem? Bottom cushions do not spring back at the corners once you get up from the couch or the chair. They tend to wrinkle and sag at the corners and at the bottom front. I am only 110 pounds. I am trying to imagine what would happen if somebody heavier would sit on them. So, nobody sits on them. Waste of time and money. Not allowed to return. The warranty is from the mfg co, no response from them. Don't buy Bernhardt sofas or chairs. They are junk.

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  • Jl
      Feb 08, 2016

    Same problem with Bernhardt 'leather' sofa chair and ottoman, sold by Macy's as leather. Very expensive purchase. Was in location without direct sunlight and rarely used. Recently moved and started using furniture. It is completely useless and is not real leather, otherwise it would not peel. Macy's sold as leather. Bernhardt has not responded. This is not acceptable for either company.

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  • Te
      Mar 16, 2016

    So disappointed in Bernhardt. Obviously they are getting by on their PAST reputation of quality furniture. I bought a chair and a half less than 6 moths ago and the cushion and fabric look 6 years old. The worst part is the down that keeps poking through the fabric: it feels like needles!
    I will never buy, nor recommend Bernhardt again.

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  • Ms
      Apr 12, 2016

    I purchased a Bernhardt leather sofa, loveseat and club chair and ottoman almost 4 years ago from Raymour & Flannigan in Farmingdale, NY. The whole set cost $7000! We are not even finished paying it off yet. We noticed that the leather cushions on the loveseat had tiny holes on the seat cushion - turns out, those cushions are stuffed with feathers and the SHARP end of the feather is piercing through the leather and ruining it. I had purchased the Raymour & Flannigan Platinum Protection Plan too - a lot of good that did me! The service guy came top the house on April 9, 2016 - he took pictures of the damage. I said, "Is that it"? He said yes, he submits the pictures and they will be in touch with me within 24 hours. And, he told me he sees this all of the time and this has been an active topic at their Tuesday morning Quality Control meetings. So, no o0ne called me back. I called today and was told they are checking with the manufacturer (Bernhardt) to see about NEW LINERS - I said, "What about the damage to my leather"? He said, well let's first see about the liners, I said, NO WAY! I want to know about my damaged leather and what is going to be done to fix this and satisfy me? He puts me on hold for 10 minutes, comes back and says, we are contacting the manufacturer about new casings too - I said, "Really?" Why wasn't that already done? You can clearly see the damage from the photos! He said please give them 48 hours and someone will get back to me. I don't have a good feeling about this after reading all of these complaints on here. In NY there is a consumer reporter on NBC, Channel 4 - Lynda Bacquero [protected] She and her team go after all of these manufacturers who do not want to make good on their product. I would suggest all of you get in touch with her and her team or you can call -Consumer Affairs Tipline at 1-866-NEWS-244 and pressing 2 for consumer.

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  • Ad
      May 16, 2016

    I purchased Bernhardt Furniture about 2 months ago and the paint has started to chip on the tops of the night stands. I have called the City Furniture where I purchased the goods but no one wants to take responsibility. Bernhardt has only one person to contact and it goes directly to voicemail. I am requesting a refund for the furniture since I have paid over $3, 000. It so funny how this company is so customer service oriented when you are buying furniture but when there are issues, its like pulling teeth.

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  • Sh
      Jun 12, 2016

    Is there anyone who had a positive outcome with Berhardt? My couch is basically shredding to pieces and I'm guessing there's nothing I can do! There should be a lawsuit against them. This is ridiculous!!!

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  • Jb
      Jul 01, 2016

    I had a Bernhardt sofa years ago and the entire frame collapsed within months. Dillards did take the return and I switched it out. I foolishly purchased another Bernhardt sofa 6 months ago - the Crawford. It immediately began to have fuzz balls in the thin fabric and the back cushions were pickling and looked all jacked up and sloppy. It was also uneven but I blamed that on my floor. In any event - guy came over from Stacey's Furniture- they switched it out after a lot of work on my part - now again - within weeks, sofa is pickling again. I'm not sitting back - I will file a petition in small claims court - DO NOT PURCHASE BERNHARDT UPHOLSTERED OR LEATHER SOFAs - no matter how much you like the style - you will be disappointed within weeks.

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  • Li
      Sep 18, 2018

    @jblove The fabric on our 20 month old Bernhardt couch looks identical to what you have experienced. I am totally getting the run around with this company. We purchased this brand and paid almost $3900 because of their exceptional past reputation. We are empty nesters & didn't realize we could not sit on this furniture!!

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  • Ch
      Aug 28, 2018

    Does Bernhardt manufacture two separate grades? I went to our local kittles and was told a sofa was constructed of hardwood and spring down cushions. I then went next door to Haverty's and the same "looking" sofa was made of composite and foam. The composite did feel like lesser quality and less sturdy

    After reading these post I am very gun shy to purchase the leather Bernhardt sectional I have been looking at. I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this and that there are actually two lines (similar to how Wal-Mart carries a low line of Kitchen Aid)

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