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I would like to bring to the notice of the management of Maruti about the kind of PATHETIC service I have received from Maruti’s authorized service station (The Bodyshop - Berkeley at Chandigarh Phase 1 Industrial Area) . I met with an accident on 9th of this month and gave my car (The new Swift “CH 38 T -8162”) at the bodyshop the very next day for repair. I was told by Mr. Ramesh Aggarwal the I would have to pay around 3k or less rest would be covered in insurance and the car would be ready in 3 days. I came the next day to check about the repairs and found out that the delivery date had been changed from 3 days to 5 days. I came after 5 days and I was told that the silencer was not in stock and it would take another few days. Everything was right up till now. I got a call on 19th of March that my car is ready for delivery. I went to the service station and checked that there was a dent on the newly replaced boot cover (Dicky) – the paint was also coming off in patches from the same, the colour of the rear bumper and body do not match at all, the cover on the alloys was stolen, the sculpture of Lord Ganesha which was pasted on the dash was stolen.
After complaining about the following to the manager in charge I was told that it’s okay, after some arguments I was told the you can leave the car for another 2 to 3 days we will repair it again. And when asked about the stolen items I was told that Sir they are of very low cost so they don’t matter.
I again went to The Bodyshop and to get the issue fixed and I was told that I would get the delivery in the evening by 05:00PM but was later informed in the evening that it would take an entire day and for better results to come tomorrow evening I went the next day to find out that still the colors do not match perfectly and the sides which were completely alright were scrubbed off and repainted so that the color could match, the rubbing and polishing were not done perfectly and it was so patchy. I again complained and asked for a explanation from the Manager they said just give us some more time and we will take care of it. Still there are some parts off the car which have not been painted and rubbed off properly.
I would request you to please look into the matter and ensure that customers who put their trust in the name of Maruti do not have to suffer through this pathetic service.
Please ensure that someone is employed for inspection of the work done before calling the customers for delivery.
Apart from this who will pay for my time and inconvenience?

Prashant Rehal.
Mobile - [protected]
email: prashant.[protected]

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  • An
      26th of Mar, 2012

    I agree Mr Prashant. I have been to Berkely and have faced similar problems. I hope someone from Berkely contacts you and compensate for the time and damages they have caused to you. I would rather suggest you to also contact the Consumer Court.

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