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United Kingdom

I had a delivery scheduled on Wednesday at 24 linford drive, basildon, essex, ss14 1rz, got told my bed is missing the base, as you could imagine after waiting the whole day to be told its missing parts, i was not happy, this has not been a great experience from start to finish, i paid a deposit of 150 to secure this delivery date and taken a day of work, when i paid my deposit in store i also then got told your finance systems was not working so i also had to come back another day to set this up and now someone has not packed my bed parts on the lorry, my wife is 38 weeks pregnant, i also been of work due to a back injury, suffering from back pains, this is why we chose Benson for beds to get a new bed which i am regretting now and we have just got rid of our old bed to clear space up in the room, i have calling customer services waiting and just to be told its been escalated and still not heard anything, such a reputable company such as your self this is not a great customer experience so far and i am very close to taking this to media as we have now no bed, wife is heavily pregnant and no one from benson have updated us with any outcome, situation or anything to make us happy. Today we had the second delivery and missing parts again...

Feb 3, 2017

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