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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / Clockwork / benjamin franklin plumbing - only wanted to do the easy repair and overcharged

1 Winter Garden, FL, United States

Just moved into a house with a tiny bathroom. The toilet wouldn't fill and I checked the flow wan't working. I made an appointment and waited 4 days while I filled the toilet by bucket from the tiny sink next to it. When the plumber arrived, I told him that the valve probably needs replacing and also since I swiveled the neck back and forth to fill the tank, the goose neck was loose and I needed it tightened. He turned of the water, popped off the small supply line to the toilet, scraped out the gunk, reconnected the line and it worked... all in about 10 minutes. Easy problem solved and I was grateful.
To reach the goose neck faucet and tighten it, he asked me if I would remove every thing under the sink. Which I did quickly. While doing this, we discovered a leak that was damaging my wood underneath. I said "Great, I have a plumber here to fix it." What came next is beyond my understanding. He got under there to check it out and came out of the bathroom with a video. He said that he couldn't get to leak and I would have to take care of it myself. I may be wrong but isn't that why you call a plumber in the first place. You could at least call your supervisor. He wouldn't even quote me a price. He convinced me I had to fix it myself so I just agreed. It was unbelievable! I live a mile away and the service charge was $39 ok ... no problem. To clean a 1" screen he said I owed another $125.00 and on top of that, I would have to call a plumber to fix the leak that was damaging my wood cabinet. He said I could leave a bowl I just put there for up to three months till I fixed it myself.
The next day, I drove down to BF Plumbing to ask for a refund or at least get my leak fixed, after all that's what they do, I thought. The supervisor had trouble hearing me so I'm not sure he understood everything but he said he would confront the tech. The next day he calls to say the kid said that I would fix the leak... which was an outright lie. I am 61 years old and told them I can't do it anymore. He wanted another $185.00 to fix an actual problem and I said forget it. So I'm filing this complaint to anyone who'll listen. I work 2 jobs and rarely complain and it isn't even about the money so much as how I was treated and lied to. I still need this fixed but I'm not paying full price.

Jul 19, 2018

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