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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing / 5 welds to copper pipe and new outdoor no freeze spigot.

1 Cleveland, OH, United States

I had BFP (Benjamin Franklin Plumbing) arrive to look at my shut off water as an old inside spigot would not shut off after an outside spigot had broke, leaking water outside. I showed the worker the problem and he would not replace the old garden spigot with a similar alike one. He said "we don't do those anymore". He said they put in "no-freeze spigots". I showed where I wanted a ball valve to have an emergency shut offloading outside as that old spigot under the kitchen in the basement did not shut off or close completely. He was putting in long outdoor spigot and was banging my air conditioner with the copper pipe. (Had to add touch up paint so it does not rust) He only put in total of 3-4 feet of new pipe welded together with new outdoor spigot, new nipple, new ball valve and cost was atrocious $756.00. He claims on receipt he put in 8 feet and a 10% discount after I gave him a coupon even! He is a liar!(Even if brick was 1 foot thick he only had trouble pulling old pipe out of it since it was built in 1944). He actually struck a line through the discount area! He first told me $656.00 and somehow added $100.00 for HVAC caulk. I told him I had caulk and would do that myself. He did not really want to honor the coupon! I am never using BFP ever again for eternity. This last worker just wanted to upsell all work and told me "If you get more work done you can save more". I doubt that. Their "straightforward pricing" is a sick joke! They damage property that has nothing to do with the job and then lie about it and overcharge because "It was in the way". They think the air conditioning unit is going to grow legs and move on its own out of the way? So why didn't he use short outside valve and flex tubing to bend tube around the unit? Copper is a dinosaur and they know it so in their shrinking business model, as more people use shark bite and gator bite parts they overcharge! Next time I have to just go to store and get those parts myself and save $600 dollars.

Jun 23, 2017

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