Benchcraft Advertisingfailure to follow through

I wish I had known about the complaints previously against Benchcraft!!! We paid $750 for ads at 2 different golf coursesin our area to appear in their guides in Aug of 2013. Tried for 6 months beginning in April to get somewhere with them after we found out the guide was not at the local course (for WHATEVER reason, never did get a clear answer as to what happened, they said one thing, golf course said another) and finally was promised a refund in November 2015. When it didn't show on my credit card in 28 days i filed a dispute since it was charged on our credit card, which they contested and i am still fighting with them to get my money back.. as others have said THEY ARE A SCAM I may never see the money but I will keep trying and make sure i spread it ALL over the internet as well as contacting Attorney Generals in Oregon and Georgia.

Jan 31, 2015

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