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bench craft company made me sell my body to pay for my sign. they turned my kids against me. they made my wife sleep wit a few black fellas now her smush smush will never be the same for me :( they rear ended me at a stop sign. they killed michael jack son for not buying a sign. they are hunters!!! bench craft company ruined my life!

  • Tr
    TrueCloser Dec 07, 2011

    HAHAHAHA Friggin hilarious

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  • Mr
    Mr. Sardonicus1 Sep 04, 2012

    Obviously this company is a ripoff, scamming small businesses, who are looking to increase their bottom line. It's really pretty pathetic and twisted that a plethora of ### allege they sell ad spaces both in magazines and on scorecards, only to rip off people that are actually providing a service. These are the kinds of sleazy salesmen that need street justice, and broken pelvic bones, to teach them a lesson. I got the call this morning, and was suspicious, since I run an entertainment company and the golf course in question does NOT have a club house to hold events. Secondly, the caller id and number given did not match. Third, the caller ID gives the impression that they are '' a reputable furniture company.

    I will be doing the following: posting what ### these jerks are on my blog, and to 900 facebook followers.
    Then I will contact, and get THEM to take legal action against these guys for misrepresentation, and after that, every time some nitwit telemarketer calls to offer house repairs, my new phone number they will be referred to shall be: 503-214-4400.
    let the losers who telemarket scams hassle each other.

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scam artists

There is a company located in Portland that is a total scam, ruining the lives and dreams of people everywhere. Bench Craft's owner, Charlie Cobb, makes a very nice living off hurting others. He steals thousands of dollars off people's credit cards offering advertisement that doesn't exist on golf courses that do exist. He offers seemingly inexpensive advertisement space. He puts families out of business on a regular basis. Here is someone who will do anything for a buck, and doesn't care who he hurts while doing so. Also, if you don't want to work for a tyrant, this is not the place to go. Bench Craft is known for their cruelty towards employees, foul insults and violence take place in the office on a regular basis. This is ### central. This company should be shut down, but unfortunately they have a good attorney. The best way to protect business owners is by spreading the word. So please inform your friends and family, especially if they own a small business.

bad service

This lowlife pathetic company cold calls people trying to sell advertising on Golf Courses. They call REPEATEDLY, sometimes up to 3 times a day. Despite numerous demands to CEASE and DESIST, they continue to annoy and harass people. Apparently, that's how lowlife's resort to soliciting business. They have a C rating with the BBB and numerous complaints against them online. I wouldn't do business with such a ### operation if they were selling water in a desert.

false promises

i was contacted by someone named rocky he said he was the project manager at my local golf course. he offered...

false information

My experience was like many others before me and most likely many after me as well. I was solicited by Bench Craft for an inexpensive advertisement that seemed like a sure deal. In reality it was all just lies. I paid for4 years of "Bench" ads but was put on ball washers or a driving range bench when I was promised hole 1 and 2. Also I was promised a free year of bench ad for purchases the score card ad. I was never even put on the score card and only 3 months later was contacted to renew my Bench ad. When I asked about my free year I was told that associate doesn't work here and we cannot honor when he said even though I had a contract stating that my payment include the score card and bench ad. Luckily I always paid by check never debit or credit card. Thanks to reading some reviews, I knew they will automatically charge you without your consent. This company is heartless and will do or say anything to make a buck. I am honestly surprised any of them can sleep at night. I would strong advise anyone to not do any business with this company.

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fraudulant sales practices

We started a new business in january 2010. early february 2010: Benchcraft Sold me advertising space on golf courses in central texas by phone. Told me they fund me at the chamber of san marcos. phone number from arlington tx.
When i bought in one golf course, was called several days later and offered a "deal" if I signed up for three courses for price of 2. Cc payment over the phone (they were pretty insistant on getting that done before any service was offered and we should have taken note of that !)
The same week I sent the graphics to their "art" deptmt trough the email provided. 2 weeks later, I was sent an email asking for the graphics. I told them they had it and asked when all this was going to be done since golfing season is starting soon. They told me next week the art dptment was going to finish proof ...
went down hill from there: I called a couple of time and pretty much got shut down when I started complaining. I then checked BBB (a bit late) in early april and found numerous complaints.
then got a letter showing the proof and telling me I had so many days to review. It is now may and still nothing. I called and told them to hurry up and get the stuff in place but i am not expecting anything from these scammers. I do not understand how they are in business with so many complaints over the whole country.
Let you local chamber now about these scammers !!!
The owner will probably start a new one after this one gets shut down: HE needs to get in jail !

processing credit card without authorization

I purchased a goft course ad in sept 2009 for 2010 year from the atlanta branch office, Travis Schug. He wa...

paid for advertising - never received

I'm a business owner who purchased advertising at a golf course with great hopes. Unfortunately, I never...

no bench sign/no refund

In May of 2008, I received an unsolicited phone call from Mark Hogan offering a bench sign promotion at...

1 comment Port Bolivar Other

fraudsters and cheaters

My story is similar to many. I was sold a diamond necklace with fake diamonds. In other words I believed what the salesman was telling me about a gorgeous 18 hole golf course with 10 tournaments a year plus numerous corporate sponsored events. My advertisement would be seen by thousands of people each year and over 30, 000 new cards are being printed this year alone. All they need is a credit card, 50% down and an email telling them 'good to go.' Because apparently 'Good to Go is now my name.' I am not sure when signatures stopped being so personal. And they will tell me that I owe them money because this constitutes a binding contract.

Worse still, I spoke with the manager who told me that I was a liar. He not only argued with me, he tried to force a fight. He was waiting for me to threaten him. I only told his employee that he was being hunted and yes I mean it. I have now informed all the right people of the situation and will approach the client this company is representing.

Now I forgot to tell you that the golf course I am actually giving my money too has only 9 holes and is more of a locals hang out. Nobody there is going to look at my name or the advertising. They just want to get a few rounds of golf played and move on. This is the affordable golf course as opposed to the luxurious golf course down the way where the rich and glamorous tee off.

Am I mad? Yes, because they think I will just disappear. Not this time. I want my money back.


  • Ri
    Ricky Feb 11, 2009

    We all buy stuff and check into that purchase before
    A)We buy it.
    B) Give authorization to buy it.
    Question when you buy a home do you look at it before you spend money or authirize to buy it. Think about what you do before you do it. Just my own opinion because ive been ripped off by my mortgage company before. Nothing i could do.

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  • Bo
    BowlingManager Apr 22, 2010

    Honestly - like I said before. They called me, I bought ad space and within 30 days, my ad was up and I have had customers tell me that they saw our ad at the golf course!

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  • Bo
    BowlingManager Apr 22, 2010

    This all sounds like a disgruntled employee just trying to get even

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  • Mo
    Monica Mohl Andring Dec 20, 2017

    I hope this warns others before they make the costly mistake you and I have both made. I wont share the details of my encounter, but I am not surprised by this story and do hope other take the warning seriously.

    All the posts are responded referring to the complaint as being a disgruntled employee. I am not am employee and these types of complaints are on so many review boards.

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i'm an employee who is resigning is about an hour - and i'm willing to co-operate with law enforcement

SCAM- WIRE FRAUD- I wish I would've checked them out before I went to work for them 2 weeks ago.

I have resigned from benchcraft. I can no longer turn a blind eye to their systematic pattern of deception.

I apologize for soliciting people even though I was already pretty suspicious.

If it makes anyone feel any better, I sold a scorecard ad to my own stepfather on my third day (before I knew better)

I'm considering going to the authorities on this.

Sorry again for my involvement,

  • Al
    alone Feb 19, 2009

    Got a call from Larry Skolnik asking me to put an ad on their score card told him I will think about it but he keeps calling 5 min. after we hang up 3/4 times and i am not sure if he is crazy or senile he sound old on the phone. but anyway so I told him i am not interested and hang up. tht's when i google and type the company name. Thank you very much to all of you, I didn't become one of their victim.

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  • Ta
    Tara Jacobs Mar 23, 2009

    We will have to start a class action lawsuit and then request jail time for the owners.

    I can get the Feds after them, and will.

    7 Votes
  • Bc
    bcc defender Aug 19, 2009

    First off, Larry is "special" and its a testament to the generosity of the owner that he works here. Secondly 11-14-08 is a friday, the original poster (whistleblower) didn't resign, they got fired for not making sales that week and its people like this who give the company a bad rap because they will tell a customer anything to get a sale...and now this person is unemployed...good luck whistleblower...lets not forget the two weeks whistleblower sat in their chair making calls to people even though they were suspicious...must be a real smart person if it took them two weeks to figure out what a horrible company they worked for...and they sold an ad to their own family??? This whistleblower is just a disgruntled ex-employee and should be disregarded entirely.

    -8 Votes
  • Bo
    BowlingManager Apr 22, 2010

    TOTALLY AGREE!! All of this is just a disgruntled employee. They did fantastic artwork for me!

    -10 Votes
  • Mo
    Monica Mohl Andring Dec 20, 2017

    This post did not surprise me in the least. This company is not ethical and does not care at all for the customer that made the purchase. Once they have you money they are not interested in helping you until you get another call to buy something else. Our business has stopped advertising with them after 3 years due to what I consider lack of professionalism and care for the customers that are paying their bills.

    3 Votes
  • Iv
    Ive been scammed for 29k Oct 17, 2019

    I have been scammed for 2 years by this company. When you call to ask why a charge is being charged, they say they will get back to you, and don't, they finally have admitted to overcharging me $12, 000. yes that's right 12 thousand...and that they will refund and don't. They recently tried to run 3 charges thru in one week while I was on vacation in Sept 2019 of 3150.00 each and luckily my cc company put a fraud alert on my card so they couldn't get any more money from me. I went to the golf course that I advertise at and the ads are all wrong. I have gone back and forth w these people and my total out of pocket as of today is 29K, FRAUD>>SCAMMERS>>> I hope they all go to jail... I just got off the phone w the police, this is criminal what they are doing to me and others. I am a single mother and work hard for my money and will be contacting all of the golf courses in WA and all other states and will let them know what I am going thru. I am so upset, they have taken soooo much from me, I cant sleep and feel like Im falling apart.

    4 Votes

mis-representation of goods and services

I was solicited by phone by Bench Craft Company to purchase advertising space on a tee marker at a local golf...

horrible company in every way!

Charley Cobb, the guy who inherited this company is a horrible person. He has been involved in Coupon Book...

criminal activity!

Charley Cobb who inherited Bench Craft after the real owner died in a house fire has been implicated in a...

awful company, masters of scams!

Bench Craft Company victimizes customers and takes unethical and fraudulent sales practices to a new low...

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