Auto Marketing Group Complaints & Reviews

Auto Marketing Group / Possible Scam


I recieved a call from the auto marketing group after I had listed my car in the auto trader. The guys name was Alex Harper, he said that his company sells cars at full market value or a premium to people with bad credit who cant buy cars elsewhere. Although, they require a $500.00 upfront...

Auto Marketing Group / They are a scam


Like many I have got the call about the grou[ that they want to sell our truck for us and get us our asking price and we would get a certified check. My husband were skeptical. So a really great thing you can do is call 1 -800- O -CANADA. They were really informational and gave me 4...

Auto Marketing Group / same company as Auto Sellers Network


Like the compaintants for Auto Sellers Network, I received a telephone call from a representative stating they had several buyers for my vehicle at my asking price. I have it currently listed with and because it is in perfect condition, I am asking top dollar. He told me their...