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Associated Community Services Complaints & Reviews

Associated Community Services / unethical behavior

Apr 14, 2017

This lady calls me this morning asking for money telling me they are sending an envelope she was not answering my questions as I have a family member right now who stopped their chemo as it was making them too ill and not working they made the conscience decision to stop this lady did NOT...

Associated Community Services / Telemarketing comp.

Nov 06, 2016

I get calls from them sometimes twice a week and have asked them to not call me anymore but they continue to call and when I tell them that I would not donate to them they hang up the phone before I get to tell them is there anything you can do to get them to stop. I am also registered...

AC Services / Foundation for American Veterans

Jul 05, 2016

1) Donations go to this service and are then sent to a 501c19, go ahead, ask them. Review the status if you want - it's because they can't operate as a 501c3 due to the strict regs. Check out other organizations to give money to vets - think charities for towns, issues, legislation. DO YOU...

AC Services / Raising Money for Vets

Jan 22, 2016

I was suspicious at how smooth the delivery of this message was. There was little effort to help me understand who they were and what they were doing for Vets. It was too smooth and I became suspicious. They wanted me to give my credit card information over the phone, which I never do when...

AC Services / Calls for donations to Foundation for American Veterans

Dec 31, 2015

12/31/15 I received a phone call from "Steve" at (206)512-8478 asking me to donate to Foundation for American Veterans. When I told him I wasn't interested and to take me off their call list he said "NO". I then attempted to ask him a question and he hung up on me. Then I googled thi...

AC Services / Harrassing phone calls

Nov 19, 2015

I am permanently disabled, and thus do not have any extra funds with which to contribute. I have asked many times whenever they call that I do not have any monies to give them, yet they keep calling. The latest incident took place on 11/18/15. When the man called, I attempted to tell him I...

Associated Community Services / Telemarketing

Oct 11, 2015

Associated Community Services (ACS) is a telemarketing firm based in Southfield, Michigan which reportedly filed for bankruptcy & owes more than $15 million in unpaid taxes to the IRS and more than $1 million in unpaid state tax. ACS is owned & operated by Robert W. Burland, Jr. and...

AC Services / unrelenting calls for breast cancer

Aug 09, 2015

Female calls twice a day every day for two weeks. She starts everything: "You are the toughest cookie in the cookie jar to crack...". I have told her six times now that I am not interested in donating to her breast cancer fund raising. At 2:20 pm today (Aug. 9, 2015) I asked her to remain...

Associated Community Services / Former employee

Aug 17, 2012

I worked for Associated Community Services for 3 years. It was the worst experience of my life. First of all, ACS is basically a dope house. The managers, trainer's and CSR's buy and sell drugs on a day to day basis. The company is a joke and they only give 20% to the charity...

Associated Community Services / Beware

Sep 17, 2011

Beware of this company -- the place is a real sweatshop They don't tell you doing the interview -- they have two sets of policies those they tell you about and have in their company guidelines and the unwritten, unspoken real rules -- that are enforced like a slave ship. They do not...

Associated Community Services / Repeated calls to my home after being told NOT to call

Aug 18, 2011

I had the most unprofessional telemarketing fund raiser repeatedly ignore my questions and my requests to be removed from their call list. I explicitly told him "Do NOT call my home anymore", "Remove my telephone number from your call list". He would not acknowledge what I said and would...

Associated Community Services / telephone calls

Mar 07, 2011

We keep getting telephone calls from this company, and when we answer, no one is on the line. Their number is 866-877-2049. I have called this number and I get a recording to leave a message, which I have done, no call backs, we keep getting the calls. We are sick and tired of these calls and want them stopped. Philip Grafious

Associated Community Services / Fundraising for Found. for American Veterans


This company calls on a regular basis asking for a pledge on behalf of the Foundation for American Veterans, as well as several other charitable organizations. I recently discovered that only about 30% of the money they receive goes to the organization. I am notifying them that I will no...